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What is Pinterest? How it works Advantages and Disadvantages

Still don't know what Pinterest is? If you don't know the great world that Pinterest has inside, I invite you to read this article and finally learn how Pinterest works.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

In this article we talk about Pinterest the most silent social network, and the less used but that has a great potential for active users and from which you can get many benefits that I tell you below.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a digital platform for visual content consisting of web and mobile application. It is currently one of the most relevant social networks available in six languages.

The origin of Pinterest takes place in 2009. It was Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra who began working on creating a virtual catalog application for women's fashion for iPhone called "Tote", seeing its potential in tagging and sharing the images with their contacts discovered the great potential of the current Pinterest.

In 2011 they obtained their exponential growth by entering the 50 best websites in the world. In 2012, the invitation to use their website was withdrawn.

Despite being far behind most of today's most famous social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or Tik Tok, Pinterest accumulates more than 169 million active users each month.

Pinterest statistics as a social network

It is not a particularly famous social network. It has not had a great growth in the number of active users, but the users that are already using it are a great source of creativity for all users, and very useful for the strategy of the companies.

The age range of the users who most use Pinterest is between 25 and 39 years with a percentage of 29% for women and 9% for men.

In general and taking into account all age ranges we can say that as Instagram is a social network mostly used by women and this is due to its high percentage of visual content.

Advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest

After you know what Pinterest is and if you haven't decided yet whether Pinterest is for you or not you have to know the advantages and disadvantages of this social network.

Advantages of Pinterest

Pinterest accumulates certain advantages that will help you decide to use this social network:

- Easy use of the tool.
- Pinterest encourages your ingenuity and creativity in creating content.
- It inspires you when you don't find inspiration in your projects.
- Helps you spread your project or personal brand.
- Makes you feel part of a community.
- Business Analytics Data Advantages.

Disadvantages of Pinterest

Actually Pinterest has almost no disadvantages and does more good than bad. However, it depends on how difficult you want to make it:

- Difficult to find ideas for creating shareable content.
- Time investment.

How Pinterest works?

To start learning how Pinterest works you must register on this platform. There are two types of accounts:

- Personal user account.
- Pinterest Professional Account (Pinterest for business).

If you have a personal user account you can always convert to a professional account without any problem.

Let's take a closer look at how each type of use of Pinterest works.

How Pinterest works for personal use

Pinterest for personal use gives us a great space to interact. The truth is that this network will only be interesting to you if you love visual content and want to be inspired.

How to create a user account on Pinterest

Creating a personal user account on Pinterest is easy, simple and for everyone. Besides, if you do it carefully, you will be able to register in just a few seconds.

Follow these steps to create your personal user account on Pinterest:

1. Access Pinterest and click on Register.

2. Add your email, age and password. You can also register with Google or Facebook.
3. Check your email.
4. Configure your tastes and that's it!

You can now start adding content to your profile as we will show you below.

How Pinterest for business works

Creating an account for companies in Pinterest is simple and by periodically uploading content we will see how we obtain an audience for our website in a simple way.

In addition to having a company profile we have a great benefit that shows us the statistics of visits to our contents, and of interaction with them of the users.

The main objective of Pinterest for companies is to divert traffic to their website so that they know their services or products. Something that hardly costs money if we create content organically that the public likes.

Another important piece of information is that in the event that your content is promoted in Pinterest's emails to its database you are in luck, your content is very relevant.

How to create a business account on Pinterest

Now let's see how to create a company account step by step. If you don't have a Pinterest account yet, please follow the procedure below to open your account:

1. Access the registration website..
2. Fill in the field with your email and data, and click on continue.
3. Finish your registration and you have your account ready to start customizing your profile with your logo image and preferences.

En caso de que ya tengas una cuenta personal de Pinterest, sólo tienes que convertirla en una cuenta de empresa:

1. Ir a la página web de registro.
2. Fill in the field with your email and continue.
3. Let's see how it's done! To promote a Pinterest pin or publication you only have to go to your profile and under each pin you will find a red button "Promote" if you click on the button of the content you want to promote.

You will see that a control panel appears with really simple options that you only have to fill in to start up the advertisement, such as the website where the user will land when he clicks, the daily budget, the duration of days, and automatically estimates the volume of public your advertisement can reach:

You also have the option to visualize how the ad will look like on mobiles and computers.

How to create a pin in Pinterest

The time has come to upload content to our Pinterest profile. This is the way we will attract the public to our website and they will begin to know about us.

A pin is what Pinterest calls the publications that users upload to the platform, usually consisting of image, text and link. Users can also save pins already uploaded on the network.

On the other hand, a board in Pinterest is the name of the albums that are folders in which we save the pins and are displayed in each user's profile.

First click on the plus sign at the top right and click on create pin as shown in the picture.

The page will open to create the pin, but first you must create a board to include it, or save it in an existing one.

Just fill in the information requested to create your first pin. The size of the pin image is 1000px wide by 1500px high. Add a description and a url address and that's it! Now that you've done it you just need to create much more content to upload it periodically to your pinterest.

I invite you to continue reading the rest of the posts that I share with you in the blog for personal and financial purposes in your life.