What does Bumped mean on Vinted - Advantages and Disadvantages [2023]

Each APP has its different characteristics and you may have found the word Bump in the button of the products in your Vinted cabinet and you really don't know what it means. Here I tell you what Bump means and how you can use it in your favor.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
what does bumped mean on vinted

As a passionate about second-hand sales, I like to decipher in language the different applications for sale that help us obtain extra money per month. This is the case of the Bumped button from Vinted, which at first when we see it can surprise us because we do not know its meaning.

What does bumped mean on Vinted

Apps don't always get the way we express ourselves in our country right when they translate their texts into different languages. And is that "Bumped" could be used more commonly in the United States. It is a word that is normally used in colloquial language and that could be replaced by "Promotion" so that we all understand this word well. In other languages, it does not indicate the word Bump but promote.

In any case, as a person who has promoted his articles on Vinted, I will tell you what you are asking yourself: what is the purpose of Bumping a Vinted article? Is it really useful and profitable?

To bump one of your products, you just have to click on the button below the product you want to promote and you will pay the money you choose in exchange for reaching more users on the Vinted platform.

This means that during the time you choose to pay to promote your item on Vinted they will put your ad in front of the client's eyes.

Which can help you sell more and easily sell your Vinted products. You also have to keep in mind that when promoting your item, Vinted uses its algorithm to show your ad to people who are really interested in buying your item.

But the question is if it is profitable to promote a product on Vinted, or if it is worth it, or if you better stay without promoting your Vinted product and it will turn out the same as if you promoted it .

In my case, I recommend, because it's what I do at Vinted, that you only promote one item a week that you like, you think will sell faster, and you promote it for three days.

Don't promote more than one product at a time because customers often walk into your closet and see the rest of the products. Then simply by promoting a product others from your closet can already buy you. But if your idea is to sell more than 1 or 2 products per week, then it is recommended that you promote more than 1 product from your Vinted wardrobe.

You can also promote and "Bumped" your Vinted wardrobe for one week. You'll find this option on your main page of your Vinted wardrobe.

There are people for whom this action is profitable and others for whom it is not. But usually it is almost equally productive both actions. It is up to you how much you want to pay.

Never promote a Vinted item if your product does not have nice photos or all the details written in your description, because then potential customers may doubt whether to buy from you or not and you will have invested your money without results.

I recommend, if you have never tried to promote a product, that you start by uploading an article to Vinted with good photos, a good description that you think will sell and promote it for the first time. When you see how quickly it sells out then you can be confident in making more promotions.

On the other hand, remember to increase the price of your product a little to be able to pay the "Bump" of the product and not reduce your profit so much or else you will earn very little on Vinted.

The disadvantages of "bumping" your product is that you assume a risk because you must invest money before selling your product and this does not guarantee you to sell it as it happens with any advertising we do on the Internet.

On the contrary, the advantages of doing "Bump" is that we have extra help to stay present with customers and be able to boost the sale of our product and the sale of the remaining products in our wardrobe. .

I hope this advice on promoting items on Vinted has helped you and you feel confident in starting to promote your items.