Does the Shadow Ban exist on Vinted? What to do if you have it (2023)

Knowing if you have been temporarily banned from Vinted without you knowing it can be complex and above all have a very negative effect on your sales that will drop drastically. Here I tell you what it is, how it affects you and what to do to get out of it.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
vinted shadow ban

As always, platforms always find the innovative way to surprise us by changing the rules of the game with which we could previously achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

I had to compulsorily write this post because I see a wave of "I have no views" and periods in which not even promoting your article do you get those visits that you had before.

However, this has been taking place on Vinted for some time and it is not something new, but something that is happening more and more and is reported due to the number of sellers that is increasing day by day.

What is Shadow Ban on Vinted

The Shadow Ban on Vinted is a period of time in which you lose all or part of your views and therefore likes and buyers in your Vinted closet.

It usually occurs due to an unknown cause and that the seller usually does not know how to identify, so it is difficult for him to get out of this period if it is not naturally when the system takes you out of it.

There is a Shadow Ban on Vinted

The term Shadow Ban was born from social networks, in which, for periods of time, the visualizations in the publications were lost and the profiles became invisible.

In the case of social networks, losing views suddenly is something much more obvious than it is due to a Shadow Ban, but in Vinted there can be other reasons as well.

There are periods of time in which people do not enter Vinted as much because they spend their money and attention elsewhere, such as during sales periods in stores.

So, much to our regret as sellers, we have to take into account that in addition to periods in which users don't visit Vinted as much, there are also periods in which customers don't search for our product.

Therefore, the existence of the Shadow Ban is in doubt, and really only Vinted can know if there is a Shadow Ban or not.

The only way to know if there is a shadow ban on your Vinted account is to ask customer service to find out if your account is in good standing or has any misconduct warnings, or to find out yourself by thinking if you have made strange actions in your closet or have had unsatisfactory purchases.

What to do if I have a Shadow Ban on Vinted

To get out of the Shadow Ban on Vinted we can get out naturally. It's like, for example, when you send many messages to customer chats and they don't let you send for a while so you don't repeat the bad action.

Well, once a week or two weeks have passed, the Shadow Ban will surely disappear. But you can always ask Vinted for the status of your account, since creating another account is a difficult mission so you should take care of your closet.

In this way, to get out of the Shadow Ban as soon as possible, you have to behave well, do not spam in client chats, do not compulsively upload articles to Vinted or the same article, try to solve all the problems you have with your clients, not following cabinets at once, not giving likes in droves, all these types of somewhat compulsive actions. You must stay relaxed to get out as soon as possible.

I'm sorry to tell you that there is no magic solution but in these cases it is very difficult to get a specific solvable cause, because you might even have a Shadow Ban and the Vinted team tells you no just to make sure no one knows what there is this new way of managing cabinets on your part.