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How VAT works at SHEIN, do I have to pay it when buying? 2022

Not sure if you should pay VAT at SHEIN on your order? Find out how VAT works at SHEIN explained in a simple and easy way so that you don't have any dangers or additional costs when placing your order at SHEIN.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

We love SHEIN! It is a really cheap online fashion store where we can get our looks but with VAT and the change in regulations we find ourselves facing new doubts when making our purchases.

Prior to July 1, 2021, it was not necessary for customers to pay the VAT of the country where we reside for products purchased in online stores outside the European Union unless our order had a price of 22 euros or more , up to 150 euros when VAT and duty had to be paid.

Everything is constantly evolving and so is the European Union. For this reason, since until now customers have asked vendors outside the European Union to indicate lower values ​​for their orders so as not to exceed the VAT payment limit (which in Spain was 22 euros ), although these customers were not all but some, they have decided that they were losing money and now ALL purchases from outside the European Union will have to pay VAT, what do you think? Well, I'm sure you think it's a mess.

On the other hand, this has been done to facilitate the declaration of sales to companies to be all sales subject to being declared in the single window where each seller inside or outside the European Union declares the VAT of the country of each buyer (this is good for sellers and cuts down on bureaucracy).

Well, before, up to a certain invoiced money was declared in the seller's country, and from that limit in the buyer's country, a mess that luckily no longer exists with this change of July 1, 2021.

This change affects our purchases at SHEIN as it is a store outside the European Union where millions of daily purchases are made from the European Union.

VAT at SHEIN how to pay

Given the recent changes in the VAT in SHEIN marked by the new law of the European Union of July 1, 2021 SHEIN has not pronounced itself directly with an express page where it informs buyers on whether their products include VAT or not (the VAT that buyers in the European Union are now obliged to pay).

However, in the SHEIN purchase conditions information it says that VAT is included in SHEIN purchases.

If this is declared in the SHEIN purchase conditions, we can be sure that we will not have problems when making purchases at SHEIN.

How to solve problems with VAT at SHEIN

But what if this wasn't the case (although in theory we shouldn't have any problems)? and we had to pay SHEIN's VAT?

Both with SHEIN and with other stores whose sales headquarters are outside the European Union, if they do not include VAT on their products, when they arrive in your country it will be the shipping company that will require you to pay that VAT and a rate of around 20 euros for each package for which they have to manage the VAT payment.

Without a doubt, this is not a profitable option to order from SHEIN, but as they indicate, we should not have any problems.

VAT changes the operation of customs in SHEIN

Currently the customs to place orders in SHEIN with the change of the VAT rule of July 1, 2021 have no major changes.

When our order is more than 150 euros we will have to pay VAT and tariff, and if the delivery note of the order and its content do not match (even if the order is less than 150 euros) we will have to pay the customs duty as well.

Conclusions on how VAT works at SHEIN

Paying VAT for all our products will be mandatory from now on.

SHEIN says in its purchase conditions that the VAT tax is already included in the prices of its products, so we will not have a problem when making the purchase.

We must also pay a tariff if our order exceeds 150 euros or if the delivery note does not match the content of the package, if it is stopped at customs by chance.

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