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Solado Shipping: how long do shipments take and how do they work? [2022]

If you still have doubts about how Solado shipments work, how long they take to arrive, what the shipping cost is, how to get free shipments and what will happen to customs taxes if this problem occurs, here you will find the information.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Solado is a Chinese fashion store, but a Chinese fashion store with good taste and modern designs, which many of us have liked because we can buy style for a very low price.

If you have recently visited Solado's website and you have noticed that their online store does not clearly indicate what their shipping conditions are, then here I am going to tell you what Solado's shipments are like after having done my research .

How Solado Shipping works

Solado ships internationally and ships to all countries except the following areas of the world: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Alaska (United States), Puerto Rico (United States), Hawaii (United States), Balearic Islands (Spain), India , Chile, Santo Amaro (Portugal), Las Palmas (Spain), Madeira (Portugal), Serbia, Peru. In all other geographical areas, Solado ships.

The Solo Shipments of the orders that customers make on their website or APP come from China, so the shipping time is from a minimum of 10 days to a month depending on the country in which that you meet.

But before counting this arrival time, you should know that there will be 1 to 3 processing days in addition to the time it takes for Solado orders to arrive at your home.

The free shipping in Solado is from 59 euros or 60 dollars, and you must reach this minimum when buying. If you apply discount coupons during your purchase, the order must still reach this minimum so that you can have free shipping. The same happens with the sales section, you must reach the minimum price by adding the items already reduced.

There are two types of shipping in Solado: standard and express. The standard shipment considers the shipment in 15 days and the express in 9 days. Always being these working days.

Solado's shipping costs are 5 euros if you want your order to arrive with standard shipping, and 13 euros if you want your order to arrive faster with standard shipping.

However, shipping prices may vary for each country from which you buy, since orders come from China.

You also need to know, because it's really important, about shipping taxes. In Solado they describe exactly that customers bear the costs of customs duties and all payments if you decide not to accept the order. So even if you do not pick up the package you will have to deal with the return shipment.

However, Solado expresses that above all it is the users who buy with standard shipping who will have to face their tariff taxes and leaves the door open for them to pay the tariffs on express shipments.

If you want to learn more about Solado and what will happen if you buy on the web, I invite you to continue reading my articles on the opinions and returns in this fashion store.