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Solado Discount Coupon: how to get it to buy clothes? [2022]

Shopping fashion online is entertaining, but buying with a discount that makes us an interesting reduction in our total of the shopping basket is even more fun. Find out how you can get Solado discount coupons to make your purchases.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Solado's fame as an online fashion store is increasing, and its daring and very contemporary designs attract anyone to want to buy in its store.

Surely you are used to finding discount coupons to buy in all fashion stores and normally they do not exist or the discounts they offer are very small.

In Solado you can find discount coupons, but you should not fall into the trap of the coupons that are offered outside the Solado website, wanting to give you very large discounts through coupons because in most of the time this will not work and you will waste your time.

If you haven't bought Solado yet and you want to get some confidence to buy on this website of Chinese origin then you should read my article review about Solado.

How to get Solado discount coupons

Don't be fooled because at the moment there are only the following ways that I am going to explain to you to be able to buy at Solado with a discount:

  • Student discount: the student discount is a 25% discount that you will get if you register with Solado in the "student discount" section adding your school of study, either college or university.

  • Discount for purchase quantity: on the Solado home page we will always see different very interesting Solado Discount Coupons that we will only get if we buy a minimum from order. You'll get 20% off for orders of $79 or more, 25% off for orders of $129, and 30% off for orders over $179.

  • Shipping discount: The shipping discount is not a discount as such, but it will also give you a fairly large discount. Since if you buy at least 59 euros in the Solado store you will get zero euros shipping.

  • Discount for earning points: Solado points are earned in a similar way to how they are earned in SHEIN, if you already know how they are earned in SHEIN it will be very easy for you. You can earn 1 point for every dollar spent, 25 points for creating your account, points on your birthday or registration anniversary, 20 points for leaving a product review, 40 if you leave a photo or video, plus 10 points every time you share on social networks. When you have the points you just have to load them into your Solado account before making the purchase to get the discount.

  • Referral discount: if you recommend a friend from the Solado website by entering her email so that she can send you a promotional email, your friend will get a 20% discount coupon and if you buy you will have 10 euros discount.

  • Discount for subscribing to the newsletter: through the newsletters the stores will send us emails to our email to advertise us, in the case of Solado if we subscribe at the bottom of the website we will get a discount coupon of 15 percent. It is important that you know that this discount is only valid for your first purchase.

  • Sale discount: to ensure that your discount coupons have a greater effect on your purchase, it will help you to buy in the Solado discount section on sales that is always present in the online store.

Learn about many other discounts and tricks to buy in all fashion stores that you will find reading in this blog along with many more interesting news.