How the sizes work in Cider so as not to make a mistake [2023]

Choosing your size in an online store can be a difficult and complicated task, if you make a mistake you can enter a loop of infinite returns. When you buy clothes in Cider it is also important to know how to determine the appropriate clothing size, in this article you will know all the details.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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Cider is a Chinese clothing retailer that caters to the needs of those seeking affordable and stylish clothing. With prices starting at just $20, this store is perfect for those who are always on a budget. His concept of design if centered on the simplicity and the basics. All the items in their stores can be easily worn with any outfit, not only for work but also for everyday casual occasions. Keep a great selection of clothing and accessories, including bags, shoes and other products.

It is very important to understand the sizes of the clothes that you buy in an online store because it depends on the fact that we have to make continuous returns and wait for them to return us to be able to return. You should always take your different measurements before buying a product, so that you can take the correct size.

Cider's clothes are cool and have very nice designs, but the carvings have some pretty disturbing features. In this article I explain everything you need to know about the Sizes in Cider , the types of sizes, how to know how long each size is, and other concepts to take into account.

Types of Sizes in Cider

In Cider there are two types of sizes that you should know. On the one hand they are the "standard" sizes, and on the other hand the plus size also called large sizes.

Outside of these two groups there are no other types of sizes. Standard sizes go from XS to XL, and plus sizes go from XL to 4XL.

Steps to know your Size in Cider

The necessary steps to choose your size in Cider without problems are the following.

  1. Take your measurements : first take your bust contour measurements, shoulder width (from one shoulder to the other), waist width, hip width, thigh width, of arm, the legs up to the navel, feet length, and voila, you are ready to move on to the next step.

  2. Check the measurements of the garment : now you need to select a product that you like and give click on the size that you are interested in seeing the measurements that it holds. If your measurements are below those marked by the size of the product, it will be ideal for you.

  3. Look at the composition of the garment : it is necessary that in the product description you check the material with which it is made it takes it, because if it does not have spandex, then it takes it It won't stretch and yes you don't want it too tight, you should choose one more size.

    Also, if you want the garment to be looser, you should at least take a size that is 5 centimeters wider than your size in the part of the bust, otherwise it will not fit or fit you well.

    Personally, I always take between 5 and 10 centimeters more than my size and it creates a more stylized silhouette that does not mark imperfections with which I feel more comfortable.

All Cider sizes are different, this means that none of the sizes of any take coincide with any other, so you will not be the same size in one take as in another.

Also keep in mind that to make successful purchases you must choose colors that really look good, because otherwise you will not be favored when putting on the takes and you will abandon them shortly after putting them on. For this you can do a colorimetry study taking into account your skin tone, hair, eyebrows and eyes.

The problem of the Sizes in Cider

The main problem of the Sizes in Cider is the fact that the bust size for normal sizes is around 90 centimeters while the large sizes start at a 120 bust , so all those people who are in the middle of these sizes do not have variety to buy on the web.

It is important to highlight that the majority of Western women find in this rank barely existing in Cider, for which it is complex to choose a size unless the normal size garment is very elastic.

On the other hand, we don't find "Petite" clothes for shorter girls, although it is true that since normal clothes are small in size and short, they can be perfect for short girls without much body width.

On the other hand, clothing for tall women does not exist, although in this case we can say that in very few stores there is this size section or it exists and with little variety.

How are the Sizes in Cider

Essentially and in summary to this article we can extract that as a general rule the Sizes in Cider are small. And on the other hand very large when it comes to curvy sizes.

Therefore you can only choose in Cider belongs to a small group of little body width, or a plus size less than 145 centimeters and width.

Yes you do not have valid the sizes of Cider to buy in your store, remember that I talk about more sizes from more stores in this blog, and you can find all the contents below this article or on the home page.