It is better SHEIN or Primark to buy cheap clothes [Comparison] 2023

If you have been wondering if SHEIN or Primark is better to buy cheap clothes but you don't know which is the best option. In this article I compare both cheap clothing stores so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
shein vs primark which is better

Primark and SHEIN are two well-known budget clothing stores around the world whose sales strategies are totally opposite.

If you have to decide on one to make your purchases, it is normal for you to have a hard time deciding because both encourage you to buy because of their prices.

In this article I want to give you an overview of both stores so that you can choose with complete information.

What is Primark

Primark is a store born in Dublin that currently sells with physical stores in more than 12 countries spread across the European Union and America.

Its success is based on the sale of clothing for women, men, children, beauty and home at really affordable prices. The style of this store focuses on the basics with a touch of originality. And we can buy a piece of clothing for only 3 euros.

Primark's strategy is about selling in physical stores and selling cheap in the department store style and not opting for online distribution of orders, saving those expenses so that your product does not increase in price.

What is SHEIN

SHEIN appeared in our online lives in 2014, when it began very little by little to reach the popularity it has today as a reference in cheap fashion stores.

These are fashion manufacturers of Chinese origin with their own warehouse. Within your online store they sell other brands that they also manufacture.

They sell globally and do not have a physical store. Their shipping costs are ultra cheap and sometimes even free. You can get a piece of clothing for at least 3 euros.

Their online store is very active and they are always restocking clothes, maintaining their high variety and innovative design inspired by the fashion brands that set the trend in the West.

SHEIN's strategy is summed up to mass-produce clothing inspired by Western trends and sell to the whole world at low-cost prices without physical establishments that weigh down prices.

Primarks Primark vs SHEIN

Regarding the prices of the comparison between Primark vs SHEIN, we obtain that both stores have very similar prices. In some occasions Primark can be cheaper than SHEIN, however, SHEIN favors the most modern designs and SHEIN the traditional basics, which makes SHEIN 1 euro more expensive.

Although really both stores are still much cheaper than any of their competition stores.

Sizes Primark vs SHEIN

Regarding sizes, the comparison between Primark vs SHEIN is not so clear. We know that SHEIN has a section of sizes for plus size people, also for short people and also for tall people in its sections of clothing for women, men and children, girls and babies.

In the case of Primark, it has clothes for women, men, boys, girls and babies. And some sizes may be what corresponds to plus sizes but not all. Therefore, plus size people can buy in their stores easily, but short and tall people will not be able to for garments that depend strictly on height.

Quality and variety Primark vs SHEIN

The quality of Primark and SHEIN are very similar. In a certain aspect, SHEIN can give up a bit of the cuffs of its cheaper garments in exchange for a more modern design.

However, at SHEIN we can opt for less economical garments whose finishes are perfect and even superior to those of Primark.

Primark has very good garment finishes similar to any Inditex group store. But in terms of variety, Primark has a smaller variety with less modern and innovative clothes. In this sense, when manufacturing daily, SHEIN always has contemporary clothing inspired by the best clothing brands.

On the other hand, both stores have almost the same sections: clothing for women, men, boys, girls, babies, animals, home and beauty. Though SHEIN wins by having clear plus size, petite size and tall sections.

The fact of selling online also allows SHEIN to put much more variety of clothing before the eyes of customers, while at Primark we will only see the variety of clothing that exists in the establishment and little will vary from one Primark store to another.

Shipping and returns Primark vs SHEIN

In the case of Primark they do not have shipments because they only have physical stores, however, SHEIN has only shipments because they do not have physical stores. SHEIN shipments last a minimum of 10 days and can be extended up to a month.

On the other hand, Primark returns are made physically in stores and SHEIN returns are made through a shipping company and are free for the first return of an order.

In this sense of shipping and returns, Primark would win since we do not have to wait for time in shipments, although we must go to a store to buy, and returns, as they are physical, will be managed in less time in Primark.

Why choosing between Primark and SHEIN is difficult

It is difficult to choose between Primark and SHEIN since the prices and quality are similar. In my opinion, SHEIN has much more variety and originality of designs than Primark, so we find clothes for all types of women.

We can choose to buy clothes from Primark that we need in a hurry and don't want to wait. For these cases this store will be ideal.

While if we want to fill our wardrobe with more modern clothes, SHEIN will be the ideal option, because even if we have to wait, SHEIN's designs are worth buying.

With these data, you can surely choose whether SHEIN or Primark is your preferred store. I already have my choice and I hope you do too.

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