SHEIN Shipping Guarantee: What is it for? should i pay it? [2023]

It is important that you know whether or not you have to pay the shipping guarantee that SHEIN offers you before finalizing the purchase of your order. Learn about the pros and cons of the shipping guarantee.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
shein shipping guarantee

If you're a first time purchaser of your SHEIN order or have already purchased multiples and would like to save a bit and wondering could I remove the shipping guarantee to save a bit more? I explain everything you need to know before deactivating the guarantee payment.

What is the Shipping Guarantee at SHEIN


The SHEIN Shipping Guarantee is an optional payment that SHEIN offers to the customer during the payment process of their order and that has a value of around 1 dollar.

This default payment is activated in the order payment process and will guarantee that if your order is lost by the SHEIN transport company, it will resend an order completely the same again to ensure that it reaches you.

It is therefore the payment of the SHEIN Shipping Guarantee an insurance that confirms that the SHEIN order will arrive at your home even if they lose it.

What is the relationship between the SHEIN Shipping Guarantee and shipping?

The Shipping Guarantee at SHEIN is often confused with guaranteed shipping. But if you do not pay the SHEIN Shipping Guarantee it does not mean that the order will not be sent to you, you can still claim if it is not sent or if it does not arrive.

Even the SHEIN Shipping Guarantee has no relation to the speed in which the order will arrive in your country and it will be the same time if you do not pay this insurance.

What happens if you remove the Shipping Guarantee on SHEIN

If you do not pay the SHEIN Shipping Guarantee by general rules, nothing will happen. The only thing that will happen is that if you are very interested in the clothes that you have in your order and it is lost if you have not paid the shipping guarantee, they will give you your money but they will not send you the entire order, so you will probably not be able to buy again the garments that interest you because at SHEIN everything sells out quickly.

You can also claim SHEIN if an order did not arrive the difference is that with the shipping guarantee SHEIN will send you a complete new order and without guarantee what will happen is that they will refund your money.

Remember that you can always claim SHEIN for your order that did not arrive by contacting them via chat, email or phone.

Is it worth paying the SHEIN Shipping Guarantee?

Pay or not pay the Shipping Guarantee at SHEIN is your choice. But taking into account that this guarantees that your order arrives, it is very necessary to pay for it when it comes to large purchases, for example from 30 euros upwards, since you would lose a greater amount of money by not paying shipping insurance, which is really cheap.

Nevertheless, many customers admit to having made many purchases without any danger that this has been ordered. It arrived every time in good condition to its destination country.

Free alternative to the SHEIN Shipping Guarantee

Although SHEIN will always do its part to return your money or your order, remember that you live in the country you live in, another measure that will help you recover your money easily is payment through Paypal.

Paypal is a payment method that you will find when paying and you must select it to activate it by having a Paypal account that is linked to one of your cards.

The security measure offered by Paypal is that they will refund our money if the order has not arrived, and then they are the ones who claim the money from SHEIN. In the same way, Paypal does the same with all the online stores where you buy, so it will work for all stores.