Why did SHEIN refund me if I received the order (2023)

Have you recently placed an order with SHEIN and have you been surprised because SHEIN has proceeded to refund the money for your purchase but your order arrived at home? In this article you will know all the reasons why this happens.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
shein refund without returning item

Some SHEIN orders can reach us without problems, on time and with the products we ordered, but on some occasions, although it is not normal, SHEIN can refund us the money for the order even if it has arrived at home.

Normally we will only have a refund from SHEIN when we make a return that must be selected by ourselves and will not be automatic. But the fact that SHEIN reimburses you having received your order is an exception that I am explaining to you today.

Erroneous reasons why you may believe that SHEIN has given you a refund

All users who are reimbursed think that they have been for reasons that are usually far from the real cause, which is usually more technical. These reasons are usually the following:

  • Shipping delay: you should know that if your order is delayed both by SHEIN and the shipping company, this is not a reason for them to give you a refund, unless the delivery time in which SHEIN obtains the delivery notification is greater than one month, in that case they will give you a refund, but otherwise they will simply give you a discount coupon.

  • Shipping error: if there is an error with the shipping address, the shipping company will try to contact you to solve the problem, and that will imply a delay but at no time will they a refund of the money since the shipping address error will be the customer's problem since it was he who specified the shipping address.

  • Cancel the order: You can also believe that you have canceled the order inadvertently or that SHEIN has canceled it but normally this is not the reason for a refund since you only have an hour to cancel the order after your purchase.

Why SHEIN gave me a refund if I have received the order

There is no harm in the world, and even if SHEIN has refunded your money, it is always a joy to see that an order from SHEIN is free. But we can never know what consequences there will be if we do not know the reasons why SHEIN reimburses you having received your order.

These reasons can be very diverse and you will find them below:

  • Problems with the shipping company: if your order arrived at your home but the shipping company has not marked the order as delivered SHEIN will believe that it has not been delivered and will report it as lost or lost for which they must reimburse you. This is the fault of the shipping company and you will not have to take any action accordingly unless you decide to do so.

  • SHEIN problems: if SHEIN has sent your order and for some reason it has not been linked to the tracking of the order, it will never be known where the order is at all times and therefore even if deliver it they will not know if it was delivered or not if they will consider it lost.

What to do if I have been refunded an order received from SHEIN?

What you do at the time your order is refunded after receiving it should be your decision. Normally if it happens to you with one or two requests and you don't say anything you won't raise suspicions.

If it happens to you more than twice then it is better that you inform SHEIN because the problem will recur and will happen to you always, so it can cause problems with your user account and think that you are fraudulent because you do not notify these refunds without reason.

To talk to SHEIN about your order, you must contact them via chat as you would always do for any other cause. Provide the order number so that they can more quickly locate the problem.

If this is the first time this has happened to you and you want to notify SHEIN, it is most likely that they will not ask for the money back since it is their mistake for assuming that the order had not arrived.

How to make a return of SHEIN refunded order

If your order reaches your hands and you are reimbursed, in this case SHEIN will assume that you do not have the order and it will be indicated as refunded in your order list.

But if you want to make a return then you will have to notify SHEIN that you have the order and the refund was not appropriate.

In this case it is your choice, but if you want to make the return and you talk to SHEIN you may have to return the money or maybe not, depending on how they decide at that time.

Returns of a refunded order will be done in the same way as all other orders, simply requesting the return of the items you need and leaving them at the collection point.