SHEIN Exchange: How to sell second-hand clothes on SHEIN?

Discover the new way of selling used clothing created by SHEIN so that together we can create a better and more sustainable world by extending the life of our clothes.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
shein exchange how it works

The rise of sustainability and the high pressure that SHEIN is subjected to daily only from the media has made the fashion retail giant seriously consider entering the second-hand field to modify its image and take it towards sustainability.

That is why, in addition to creating recycled fashion collections, he has created the SHEIN Exchange that I am talking about today.

What is SHEIN Exchange?

SHEIN Exchange is SHEIN's initiative to access the second-hand market and thus achieve greater sustainability in its fashion earnings.

Thanks to this new idea from SHEIN, it will incorporate into its fashion sales APP the new option to be able to sell your used clothes and earn extra money in a simple way, just as it is done in other mobile APPs for the sale of used items

How does SHEIN Exchange work to sell second-hand on SHEIN?

The operation of SHEIN Exchange to sell second-hand is very simple since you only have to have the SHEIN APP and access this section to start creating ads in which you upload the photographs of your product and put a price that you want the customer to buy for them.

There is an explicit characteristic of SHEIN Exchange and that is that the sellers will have to be the ones who send the clients, so they will have to manage the possible inconveniences that arise.

Can I sell second-hand clothes on SHEIN?

Right now SHEIN is launching its new category within its traditional clothing sales APP but it is only being launched in the United States and it will be progressively when it reaches other countries so if you are not in the US at the moment we'll have to wait a bit.

However, you can always have alternatives to sell clothes such as the already used Vinted, Wallapop, Poshmark or Mercado Libre.

Is SHEIN changing its mindset?

In my opinion it's not that SHEIN is becoming more sustainable because they want to, want to and look for more sustainable options. In the same way that I don't think other stores are becoming more sustainable.

If not, this is just a way in which they are forced to be sustainable due to media pressure that makes them change course.

We must understand that a company is a company, and even if its product is polluting (as is fashion in general, not SHEIN in particular) if this is what gives money to the company, then the plan to make the largest company.

The different fashion companies only act in this way when they can see their profits affected by public opinion.

So, in addition to becoming more friendly to the public with its recycled collections, added to the new way of selling second-hand clothes within its APP, SHEIN manages to open up to a new market that is currently being a really great success due to the boom of sustainability as Vinted, Poshmark or Wallapop have shown us, among others during this time.

Steps to sell second hand on SHEIN Exchange

But it's time to get down to business if you want to sell your used clothing from the SHEIN brand within the SHEIN APP. To do this, you just have to follow the following steps to sell on SHEIN:

  1. Choose which SHEIN brand garments from your closet you want to sell and photograph it and measure it to have all the details to prepare your ads and put your used clothes on sale.

    You can only sell those clothes that you have previously bought at SHEIN, that is, that are on your shopping list and that you have not bought for a long time.

  2. Access the SHEIN APP and click on the "Me" tab at the bottom right with the person icon.

  3. View the "More Services" section and click on "SHEIN exchange".

  4. Click on "Sell" with a "More" icon that you will see in the bottom menu below.

  5. shein exchange steps to sell second hand in shein
  6. You will see the list of all the items you have bought at SHEIN and click on sell on the one you want to put up for sale.

  7. Add photos of the product, description, condition and shipping to finally click on the "Send" button and put it on sale.

SHEIN Exchange Commission

If you are wondering if the SHEIN used clothing sales section has a commission, the answer may not be so great, since we need to sell cheap because users will want to buy SHEIN Exchange to save money and this is less likely to happen if we go up prices for a commission.

You should know that SHEIN keeps 5% of the profit from the sale of the item, so SHEIN Exchange does have a commission.

In conclusion, the new sale of second-hand clothing by SHEIN will be widely used by users due to the great fame that it has accumulated selling clothes over the years, but it will be It is difficult to change your image before people who want sustainability, since you must make a much bigger change if you want to be truly sustainable, a task that most fashion stores do not fulfill but hide more because they are based in countries they are not oriental.

If you want to learn more about SHEIN, I invite you to continue reading all the content that you will find in this blog that will surely interest you and be useful.