SHEIN Curve Reviews: A Guide To Buying Without Going Wrong In Plus Sizes [2022]

Do you need to know if SHEIN Curve clothes are good? Learn about all the features of SHEIN Curve, its advantages and disadvantages and its main differences with standard size clothing that you can find on the web.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
shein curve reviews

When I discovered SHEIN I realized the great section of SHEIN Curve that they had on the web and in the APP and I did not hesitate to buy. There are many women who are classified as "large sizes" and although we do not like to be labeled, it is through this category that we can find clothes more in line with our measurements.

SHEIN Curve is a great option to buy plus size clothes, especially if you don't usually find clothes that fit you in the usual stores. In this article I give you my opinion about SHEIN and I tell you about my experience buying these clothes.

What is SHEIN Curve?

SHEIN Curve, also called SHEIN plus size, is the SHEIN section of large sizes in which people with more than 100 centimeters of hip find clothes that they can wear on a daily basis and also on special occasions.

You should know that SHEIN Curve is not a fashion brand external to SHEIN, but rather it is the name that SHEIN has given to the plus size section, and it is clothes manufactured by them just like the rest of the clothes they sell in your store.

shein curve

The large variety of clothing models and designs for tops, blouses, pants or dresses, among others, is very large and this gives SHEIN a wide advantage over other fashion stores that have very little variety of clothing that they don't give you the chance to play with fashion.

SHEIN plus size has large sizes for women, but it does not forget men either and offers very large sizes for them as well.

SHEIN Curve sizes can go up to 4 or 5XL and size with a circumference of 150 centimeters or more. These sizes do not exist in many Western stores, which opt for a standard size around 90 centimeters from the hip.

Differences between SHEIN Curve and standard SHEIN

SHEIN Curve differs from the rest of SHEIN clothing in that the garments are categorized by plus size and are much larger in size than other standard garments, having sizes XL to 5XL available while standard clothing occupies from XS to 2XL at most.

However, some SHEIN Curve garments may also fit standard women as some garments in their smaller sizes can be matched to the larger sizes of any SHEIN standard size garment.

shein curve shein curve

SHEIN Curve quality

The quality of SHEIN Curve clothing is exactly the same quality as the other clothing in the online store. These are clothes whose seam is basic, that is, it is not perfect but it does not come undone when you put it on. If you have bought at Inditex you will realize that many seams are not perfect and at SHEIN it happens the same way.

You just have to be very careful when you buy large sizes and make sure that the garment is as it is shown in the photos, to do this, make sure that the product has comments with people who are showing how the garment really is because it can be differentiated a lot of the official photos.

shein curve

SHEIN Curve clothing is as durable in general as any other lower mid-priced clothing currently sold on the market. The more expensive the garment, the better finish it will have, it will be more professional and it will last longer. But on the other hand, you must make sure that the size you choose is yours, because if not, if the press is on sale, you will not be able to return it.

SHEIN Curve sizes

SHEIN Curve sizes exactly as indicated by the measurements in centimeters that you can see if you click on each of the product sizes. These measurements are exact, which means that it is not difficult at all to choose your large size at SHEIN.

You must bear in mind that if a garment is oversize, that is, the model is wide, it will be wide for you even if you choose your size. And you can take one size down if you want a tighter fit.

On the other hand, the size of elastic clothing if it has a lot of elastane, you can choose to choose a smaller size than yours if you want the garment to fit you, since normally these garments tend to stretch and remain too wide.< /p>

How to choose your SHEIN Curve Size

To choose your SHEIN at Curve size, the first thing you should do is take your measurements of bust, hips, leg length, and skin length. Write down all these measurements.

Make a customer in the garment that interests you and in any of its measurements and choose that garment whose size matches or is close to the measurements you have written down.

At SHEIN you will not be a specific size, you just have to choose the size that corresponds to your measurement and it will be different for each garment.

My Opinion on SHEIN Curve

My opinion about SHEIN Curve clothing is based on my own experience. In general, I don't wear large-size clothes, but I do choose clothes that cover me more in length and for this I use the smaller size clothes from SHEIN Curve, which I think are great.

On the other hand, I have bought and selected plus size clothes for my mother, and the only drawbacks we could find is the fact that we bought some clothes without seeing pictures of them from customers and were disappointed by not look as good as the official photos.

We were also disappointed when buying polyester blouses because it is a somewhat warm and not very breathable fabric, which I do not recommend buying unless you like rigid fabrics.

But in all other aspects we liked the SHEIN Curve clothing. It is comfortable and fits very widely and coincides with the measurements that each size of the garment marks, we have no complaints in that aspect.

Being the only store, or one of the few stores, that covers such large sizes, we are very happy to be able to access clothing without having to buy fabric and create it by sewing machine.