SHEIN buy now, pay later: How it works? [ 2023]

Discover how to pay for your purchases at SHEIN now and pay later. This is a very interesting option to buy fashionable clothes without affecting your budget. Keep reading because I tell you the details.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
shein buy now pay later

Although SHEIN is a SHEIN store with a fairly affordable price policy and that is why it makes it very attractive to buyers, many times the budget is not enough for us to make large purchases. That is why many customers wonder if it is possible to pay later at SHEIN. The answer is yes, and here I explain how to do it.

Ways to pay later at SHEIN

There are several methods to pay later at SHEIN. One of them is through Klarna, Clearpay or Scalapay. Clearpay allows you to pay in 3 monthly installments without interest or commissions, as long as you pay on time. Klarna also offers 3 interest-free installments, with the option to schedule automatic payments with your chosen credit or debit card. For its part, Scalapay divides the purchase into 3 equal installments without interest and the first installment is charged at the time of purchase, while the other two are charged monthly.

To pay in installments at SHEIN, also called monthly payments, you just have to select the payment method, enter your credit card details and wait for your order to be confirmed.

Another method that SHEIN offers us is payment in installments by credit card. If you already have a credit card, you just have to visit your bank and ask about the limits on the number of monthly payments to split a payment. It is important to ask if the bank charges interest for this service.

To pay later with a credit card at SHEIN, you must select the payment option in installments or in installments in the list of payment methods. This option will allow you to divide the total cost of your purchase into 12 interest-free monthly payments. But remember that you must pay a minimum value for each installment and be punctual with payments to avoid late fees.

But I do not recommend making much use of payment in installments if it is not very punctual, and never repeat it over time so that you can maintain better personal finances. Otherwise, you will be in debt more than necessary without realizing it.

Another thing to know is that these payment methods are generally only available to customers who have a credit card. If you don't have one, your only option is to pay for everything at the time of your purchase at SHEIN. The debit card, for example, does not allow payment in installments, since it does not have a line of credit.

Finally, paying later at SHEIN is possible through different payment options. Either with the Klarna, Clearpay or Scalapay platform, the option to pay in installments by credit card or with the option to pay in installments. Always remember to be informed of the conditions and restrictions of each payment method before making your purchase.