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How to sell more on Etsy with SEO [My experience]

I got on ETSY's search results! Do you want to know how I did it? I'll explain you how SEO works on ETSY and how you can get on the search results to finally have sales on the most famous marketplace for handmade crafts and handmade products on the Internet.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

I am not a guru of anything. What's more, I'm one of those people who doesn't try to be lurching from one place to another, getting lost in life, and yet in the end I end up trying and trying things without stopping, sometimes without knowing why. This is the case of SEO on Etsy. Which I have recently tried out.

You who are reading this and have typed "SEO on Etsy" in Google, or "How Etsy works in SEO" have probably arrived here because you already know what SEO means because you've seen it around or because you are a person who is excited about doing things online to make a living, right? living from our passions is amazing! But it's also a good mess because you have to try until you get it right.

In this article I explain how with my first ad on ETSY I already appeared in the searches, and this I managed to do because the SEO of Etsy is similar to that of any other site. I give you the simple keys to do it and start selling your crafts.

I'll give you the simple keys to do it and start selling your crafts.

I'll give you the simple keys to do it.

Let's just say I've soaked up ETSY well, I've almost done an accelerated master's degree with my own experience and I'm passing it on to you! I have transferred the experience of years with this blog to my ETSY shop that I started recently, positioning myself in the results in an easy way.

What is SEO at ETSY?

First of all, and in case there were any doubts, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the same as optimizing our pages for a search engine. Search engines are varied such as Google, Bing, Vinted, Amazon and in this case we are dealing with ETSY's.

We optimise so that our products appear in the listings when a user searches for a keyword, gaining visits and increasing sales.

We optimise our products so that our products appear in the listings when a user searches for a keyword, gaining visits and increasing sales.

The more visits to our products, the more sales we convert. And we know that approximately 1% of our visits will convert into sales have I heard a UFF out there? Well, yes, and the Internet is very nice until we know that we have to break our heads every day to reach 1%. But well, with perseverance derived from the passion to sell our products we will succeed, in time, because SEO takes time, at least a few weeks it will take you to appear if you have well optimized your ETSY products.

How does SEO work on ETSY?

As I just told you in the intro to this article, you've come to it because you've searched for "SEO on Etsy" on Google, or "How Etsy works on SEO". And you found my article there in the results, right before your eyes because I named those words in my text. No more, no less, it's that easy!

And the best thing about it all is that it's easy!

And best of all, SEO on ETSY works in exactly the same way, because ETSY wants its results to show up in Google to get people to come to its website and sell its products.

But that's the thick and simple answer, now I want to give you some points or guidelines that will help you to complete your SEO on ETSY easily:

  1. Free Shipping

    One of the factors for ETSY to put you higher on their product list is that you put free shipping. And this may seem easy, but getting the price of shipping costs into the price of the product so you can put a normal average product price that people want to buy and still get a good profit that allows you not to be every minute making a new product because you only earn 5 euros with each one and you need to make 30 products a week to reach a salary of a thousand euros a month is the problem!

    Of course, now you'll see that there are such expensive prices in ETSY because the makers can't afford to be manufacturing at the speed of an industry, and they also include shipping costs inside (or put them very low). And when you see cheap prices it's usually because they are resellers on Aliexpress and they don't need to be making items so they don't care about the starting price.

    The best thing to do is to raise your prices.

    The best thing to do is to raise your prices to something fairly normal so you don't have to be making products all the time. If you see that your price is too high, raise the features of your product cheaply to justify that price.

  2. Title

    The title of your product on ETSY must contain the keywords for which your customer is searching for that particular product, now I'll explain it!

    Key words are those terms that your customer searches for, for example: "baby bib". And some derived words, for example: "baby girl bib" and "pink bib" and "embroidered baby bib" and "newborn baby bib" and "soft baby bib" and as many as you can think of, the more the better until I let you write ETSY.

    Your title would be:

    Baby bib / baby girl bib / baby pink bib / baby bib / newborn baby bib / soft baby bib

    These keywords must be searchable on Google even if it is in the language you want to sell, otherwise it will not do you any good.

    There are many tools where you can check if these keywords are visited. Use for example Kewordtoolio and if your keywords are seen in this tool you know that they have visitors (although viewing their visits is paid).

  3. Description

    The description is key. The longer the better. In it you have to include the keywords of the title as we have discussed above. Describe your product as much as possible, do not leave out any details to reduce the user's questions.

    The SEO in ETSY.

    The SEO in ETSY is based on text. If your content is not long and does not contain the keywords that your user searches for, you will not appear in their searches.

  4. Keywords

    Another key to SEO in ETSY is the use of keywords. In every product there are keywords.

    Don't forget to put each keyword in the appropriate language! Otherwise it won't do you any good. Basically include all the keywords and more that we have mentioned in the point about the product title in ETSY.

  5. The photos

    I'm not sure about this, but I take it for granted. But it is clear that if your photos do not attract, that is, they are not pretty to look at, if your ad appears in the searches nobody is going to click on it, or it will have fewer clicks, so you will have fewer interested parties.

    So to improve your sales include bright pictures that you think can attract your potential customer and make them buy from you.

After this you are sure that your article will be positioned, do you dare to check it and start to implement the SEO ETSY.

Did you find this article about how SEO works in ETSY interesting? I hope you do and that you continue reading the other articles of this blog to learn more about how to make money and how to have better finances. Do it yourself! And become who you want to be.