Seasonal Color Analysis Test season and subseason: how to know my color palette? [100% Free]

Do you mess with color season? It is time for you to overcome all your doubts with this free Seasonal Color Analysis Quiz and find out what colorimetry you are knowing your season and subseason to know what colors look good on you to be able to choose what clothes you buy to look much better and save on your purchases.

seasonal color analysis test

A Seasonal Color Analysis Quiz or Seasonal Color Test is an exam that we carry out in order to know which colors suit us best when it comes to dressing, even for our makeup. This helps us to see ourselves more beautiful and harmonic and therefore, to gain confidence in ourselves.

The result of a Seasonal Color Test is one of the 12 subseasons. There are 4 seasons, two of which are cold, known as Winter and Summer, and two warm ones, Autumn and Spring.

These seasons are divided into three others each, with the following sub-seasons:

  • Spring: bright, clear, warm, true/true/neutral.

  • Summer: cool, light, soft, true/true/neutral.

  • Autumn: warm, strong, soft, true/true/neutral.

  • Winter: cold, bright, strong, true/true/neutral.

Each person belongs to a single subseason that defines their shade of hair, skin and eyes. This Seasonal Color test will give you the result in a few seconds.

Using the free Seasonal Color Test is very simple. Just check the boxes that match your answer for each of the questions and you will get a result that will tell you which of the 12 colorimetric seasons you belong to and will also recommend the colors that are best for you.

Warning! You must repeat the test for the following cases:

  • Your appearance in summer.

  • Your patience in winter.

  • Your patience with undyed natural hair.

  • Your patience with your current colored hair.

  • Your patience with any other color you would like to dye yourself.

Remember that your Seasonal Color will almost always change depending on the color of your hair and whether or not you are brunette.

In addition, the result of this test will be true only if you do not make mistakes when answering the questions. The most common errors are mistakes in the tone of the skin, hair and eyes, so remember to check these data well before doing the test. You can also repeat the test until you find the season that you think suits you best.

Free Colorimetry Test

1. Is your skin golden and gold accessories look good on you?

2. Does your hair have golden, coppery or orange highlights visible in low light?

3. Do your eyes have golden or orange tones?

4. Is your skin brown (regardless of whether you are a lot or a little)?

5. Can you tell that your hair is light?

6. If they look at you from half a meter away, do your eyes still look clear?

7. Does your skin without makeup have freckles, moles, dark circles, blemishes or pimples?

8. Does your hair have highlights or highlights made with dye?

9. Are your eyes one color?

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