How to make returns in Cider and get a refund [2023]

Have you made a wrong order? Do you not like your order or does it have defects? It's not uncommon for people to want to return their order and get their money back, this happens at Cider too. However, it can be difficult to figure out how to do this when you don't expect it. This article will show you how the process works, so that the next time you want to return an item, you'll know what steps to take.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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Returns can be a real headache when it comes to online stores that we don't know many or in which we buy for the first time and different circumstances happen to us that we don't know how to deal with.

In In the case of Cider, as it is a company of Chinese origin, returns are subject to a greater distance since these stores sell internationally.

The fact that it is a little-known or almost new store generates many doubts by customers when they want to make a return, because what happens if the garment does not fit you? Will you have to pay the return shipping costs?

In this article I will tell you how you can make your Cider return without it being difficult for you to do so.

How to make a return of Cider

To make a return in Cider, what you must do is first make sure that the products you have bought can be returned.

If the products you buy they are final sale products, that is, discounted or have been paid with Store Credit, or on the other hand, are items whose hygiene does not allow it, such as earrings or underwear. Neither can your products be altered, washed or used.

Then, check if your order arrived at your home less than 14 days ago, otherwise you will not be able to make the return because it is out of time. However, during holiday periods, the return period is extended to 30 days.

After making these checks, you should know that if you are within the United States your first return of a order will be free. But if it is the second return in the future of the same order, you will have to bear the shipping costs.

While if you are in a country other than the United States, you must pay the shipping costs. This is because the main warehouse is located in the United States. Although Cider is currently working to try to offer free returns internationally and it is possible that at this time they do have a free return.

However, Cider indicates that only one return request can be made for each order .

Now it's time to request your return through the Cider website in the details of your order and indicate the products you want to return.

For the United States, Cider will send a paid label for you to send the order to the shipping office well packed just as the package arrived. For outside the United States, a label will be delivered that is not prepaid, so the customer must pay the shipping costs.

When the order arrives at Cider's warehouses, you must wait 7 days for receive the money back. Your money will be refunded to the original account or method in which you paid for the order.

Remember that Cider is not responsible if your order does not arrive at their warehouse. If the responsibility is lost, it will be yours.

In the case of making a return from outside the United States, a big problem arises and that is that depending on where you are, it can be really expensive to make a return and it is cheaper not to do it.

How to make an exchange in Cider

If you think about making a return, you usually have the question of whether to change your order for a refund of the money, or if doing it for a change of the garment in another size or another garment of any other style.

In the case of Cider, as in most stores, changes are not allowed, it is In other words, you can only get your money in exchange for your return.

Taxes on Cider returns

As you may already know from the article I wrote about Cider customs and VAT that you canread here, whether we pay customs because our package is retained, or if we are from the European Union and must pay VAT for Cider products, these taxes will not be refunded when making our return.

You have to take this into account, since if we make calculations of the money that we lose when making the return, we could finally see that it would not be economical. We can always resell these clothes in second-hand clothing sales applications.

If you want to learn more about Cider and how your shipping or taxes work, I invite you to continue reading all the articles that you will find in this blog.