Vinted Pro How to become a professional seller on Vinted? [Differences and Advantages]

Are there really advantages to being a professional Vinted reseller? Is it worth becoming a Vinted PRO reseller? Learn about the advantages and differences between a normal Vinted reseller and a professional reseller and find out whether or not it is worth it to become a professional reseller.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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Vinted, the most popular international app for selling used clothing, finally allows professional sellers on Vinted in France to become professional sellers in France to entrepreneurs already registered in France and to non-profit organisations. Unfortunately, it has not yet opened up this possibility to other countries.

But whether you are a user from France or from any of the other countries where Vinted is active, knowing how Vinted Prod works will help you prepare for the moment when the possibility of becoming a Vinted Prod professional seller opens up in your country.

How to be a professional seller at Vinted

Becoming a professional Vinted seller or Pro seller is free, you just need to be a non-profit organisation or a company registered in France. In addition, to become a professional seller on Vinted you must follow the step that corresponds to your case:

  1. Upgrade your Vinted account from normal to professional: If you already have a normal Vinted account and do not want to keep it, you must convert this account into a professional account by logging in at the Vinted Pro website and click on "Register with Vinted Pro" by following the steps and providing your SIRET number, VAT and Tax Address.

  2. Open a professional account on Vinted: whether you have a Vinted account and want to keep it or not, the best step is to create a Vinted Pro account from scratch by going to the Vinted Pro website and start the registration.

In both cases when you register with Vinted Pro it can take up to 14 days for your account to be validated.

Differences between a Pro Vinted seller and a normal seller

It is important that you are aware of the differences between a Pro Vinted seller and a normal seller who sells their used clothing without being a company or organisation. Although in both cases the basic operation of Vinted is the same, you photograph your garments and upload them along with a description of each garment.

However, these are the main differences between a Pro Vinted seller and a normal seller:

  1. You cannot cancel orders, whereas normal sellers can.

  2. Customers can see your personal data such as email, telephone, address or SIRET.

  3. You may add additional conditions to Vinted's policies to indicate how customers can return orders.

  4. You are obliged to accept returns. Even if the customer just wants to return the order without any reason, you must accept it.

  5. You can only ship through Vinted's partner shipping companies, which have a prepaid label where the customer pays the shipping costs in advance.

  6. A "Pro" label will appear on your profile, indicating to users that your profile is a professional one.

Advantage of Vinted Pro

Although Vinted Pro apparently appears to be a great burden of responsibility for sellers in Vinted as they take in their hand all the power of sales and customer returns is a great opportunity for those who wish to formalize their professional sale of fashion on the network.

The big advantage is that we will no longer have problems with the system removing our product ads for commercial sales as it will be allowed.

We will be able to sell as much as we want without limits.

On the other hand, if we are a physical shop beforehand, we can open up to thousands of potential buyers by selling through a secure platform that is growing every day in a promising way.

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