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most sold items on etsy

Most sold Items on Etsy [How to find Etsy Best Sellers]

Find out what Most Sold Items on Etsy is and how to find out for yourself if your product can sell or not with all the tools you'll learn about in this article.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you want to start selling handmade products on Etsy, the largest marketplace for the sale of handicrafts, you are probably wondering what is Most sold Items on Etsy? Knowing what is the Most searched items on Etsy will help you to be successful in sales.

In this article you will find out what is Most Sold Items on Etsy, how to spot these star products, relevant data that can confirm that your item will sell and how to make sure that these products are really selling and how many sales they have.

Best selling items on Etsy

Most sold Items on Etsy are those products at the top of the categories on the Etsy website that contain the "Most sold" label, and not those whose number next to the stars is higher, as this is the overall shop rating.

Most sold Items on Etsy

Therefore, to find out what is Most sold Items on Etsy we must access the category that interests us, or search for that product in the top search engine of the web and sort by most relevant, looking for products where the label of most sold is displayed.

However, this may mean that they are the best sellers, but we will not know how many sales they have because we only have the total sales data for that artisan.

This is why we should check the data in data tools outside of Etsy to find out if we can really make many sales of the product we are interested in or not. We will see this below.

Comparative data from Most sold Items on Etsy

To get an overview, it is interesting to know more statistical data to ensure that these Most sold Items on Etsy products are really like this.

Comparison with Amazon Handmade

On Amazon Handmade, the section of Amazon's marketplace dedicated to artisans selling their handmade products, we can see how the best-selling products are:

- Delicate handmade jewellery.
- Personalised accessories such as bracelets, key rings, cushions or stickers.
- Baby toys and baskets.
- Themed products such as Mother's Day.

From this information we can see that on Amazon Handmade the best seller is everything that is personalised or made for a specific occasion. The user is looking for their product to be impregnated by their person in some way. The good thing about these products is that they help us to sell them and avoid having to manage returns, as a personalised product cannot be resold. But please, always remember that you must express that there is no possibility of return in the sales policy signed by the user.

The best-selling products on Amazon Handmade largely coincide with Most sold Items on Etsy although Etsy contains a greater variety of handmade products which makes it easier to detect which products sell more and which products sell less.

Data comparison with Statista

If you do not know Statista you should know that it is a website that has become very famous and it is a compilation of incredibly beneficial data for us. In this case I bring you a graph that they have in open, since many of their data are paid, but that can give you a clearer idea of Most sold Items on Etsy simply extrapolating this data.

As you can see, this is a graph of online product consumption by users for each category and for the year 2020.

Most sold Items on Etsy

As can be seen, fashion, footwear, accessories, health and beauty, toys and household, baby products are the main targets of "handmade products". We can see from this that fashion, footwear and accessories as well as beauty are the most likely to be sold according to Statista data. What do you think?

Data comparison with Youtube

And you're wondering what Youtube has to do with all this. Well. Now it's all the rage for Etsy sellers to make video blogs of their day to day life on Etsy. Simply search for "Etsy Vlog" and you'll see that people are sharing what they are selling on Etsy, and you'll realise that they are people whose business is already developed, as they own machinery and are fully professional.

Most sold Items on Etsy

But remember that not everyone who sells a lot on Etsy is sharing it on YouTube. However, you can get an idea and get inspired to make your own creations or to continue your research.

SEO tools to find out Most sold Items on Etsy

When it comes to knowing Most sold Items on Etsy the tools that can provide us with extra information to the internal search engine of the Etsy website are the SEO tools.

An SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tool is nothing more than a website where we can search for words and it returns the number of searches that users make for these concepts. In this way we optimise our sales towards these products for search engines such as Etsy.

These tools will help you to know Most sold Items on Etsy:

  1. KeywordsTool: a great tool to find out what users are searching for on Etsy and therefore know what is Most sold Items on Etsy es KeywordsTool. It is a tool that suggests terms. For example, we type in Etsy and we get the results that users put in Google together with "Etsy" from the country we choose.

    Most sold Items on Etsy

    The only downside of this tool is that although it gives us many ideas of concepts searched in Google with the term Etsy, it does not show us the number of searches, as this is a paid option. That is to say, the results may well have 10 searches per month and not be of any use to us.

    This is why we need to combine it with the following tool that I will discuss now.

  2. Google Keyword Planner: Google's official online search tool is the Keywordplanner. A free tool. This is the one used by companies that want to place ads on Google and that have to carry out studies of the most searched concepts to find out if what they are selling has an outlet.

    Most sold Items on Etsy

    All we have to do is register with our Google account, pretend we are going to start a campaign and just before it is activated pause it so that we are not charged any fees. When we have it we go to the Keywordplanner and we can start to put those concepts that we have seen in Keywordtoolio to see how many searches they have per month and know if what we are going to sell on Etsy is competitive.

    A laborious job but if we do not do it we will not know if we are going to embark on a project that after years of work we will sell almost nothing.

  3. Erank: Finally, eRank is one of the tools that Etsy recommends to find what sells best on Etsy. It's just the combination of the two tools I mentioned before, and that's why it's paid. It is free for one or two searches a day and therefore it is very difficult to find the information you want in two searches.

    It gives us data on what people are searching for most on Etsy by entering types of products that we suggest.

    Most sold Items on Etsy

My recommendation is that even if you choose an SEO tool of your choice, you should always check this data in the Google tool. Google Keyword Planner, as it is the largest search engine on the Internet and collects the most data.

I hope this article has been very useful for you and you already know that you can start selling your product on Etsy, which is sure to be a great success in the market. Keep reading the rest of the blog articles for much more interesting content.