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How Letyshops works with SHEIN [5 Steps to earn Cashback]

Letyshops is all the rage! Save money on your clothing purchases with SHEIN using the Letyshop Cashback platform the easy way as you will learn in this article.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

SHEIN is a really cheap Chinese clothing store, but many of the clothes that are outside the sale section we can realize that they are more expensive than we would initially suppose.

Then surely you want to have a discount on that garment that you love but do not have any discount. In addition to using all the techniques to save in SHEIN that I propose in my " Guide to save in SHEIN " that you will find in this blog, to save in SHEIN you can use Letyshops with SHEIN safely and quickly as I will explain below.

You will also find pages like Letyshops that you can use as an alternative in case you don't like this platform, although it is currently the most used with SHEIN because it will mean a greater profit.

I recommend that when you finish reading this article you continue on the web as you will be automatically redirected to another article where you will know more interesting things about SHEIN.

When does Letyshops work with SHEIN and when does it not?

Letyshops works for Spain, Mexico, Russia, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, France, UK, USA, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary.

Also, you will not have profit if you only buy through the SHEIN APP without using Letyshops. You will also not get a balance when using a gift card.

If you will make profit with Letyshops even if you use SHEIN points.

How Letyshops with SHEIN works

Letyshops is an online platform that mediates between customers and stores in order to encourage purchases in chosen online stores by returning a percentage of the purchase to the customer.

This percentage returned to the customer is what is called cashback on all platforms of this type.

Letyshops SHEIN

In addition to online stores that give you money for making purchases in them from Letyshops, this platform also has interesting discounts to use in multiple stores.

Letyshops SHEIN

Letyshops works in a very simple way, you just have to choose the store where you want to buy and make your purchase to obtain the percentage of money invested that Letyshops indicates.

You must know all this about Letyshops with SHEIN

Letyshops applies a percentage on the total of your purchase, which is the money that you will return. Therefore, the larger your purchase, the more you will spend but the more Letyshops return money you will earn.

You will have to wait between 60 and 120 days after placing the order to get your money. You can also leave this money in your Letyshops balance and use it to make your next purchases, obtaining this amount as a discount.

If you decide to withdraw your money from Letyshops, it will be returned to your bank account or to Paypal .

Steps to use Letyshops with SHEIN

The steps to use Letyshops with SHEIN are really simple and if you are used to shopping at SHEIN it will take very little time to get used to it.

Follow these steps to shop SHEIN using Letyshops:

  1. Add your products to the cart : enter the SHEIN app with your user logged in and add all the products you want to buy to your cart.

  2. Download and install Letyshops : You only need to download and install Letyshops in order to register with a new account.

  3. Login with your user in Letyshops : you need to have your user connected in Letyshops to get this Cashback from SHEIN.

  4. Access SHEIN : from the Letyshops app access SHEIN by searching for it in the list of stores.

    The percentage returned by Letyshops will depend on the country from which you use Letyshops and on the store you are buying from.

  5. Make the purchase of your basket : make the purchase of your SHEIN basket that will appear within Letyshops, applying coupons and points and choosing the shipping to your liking.

  6. Receive your cashback : although it may take some time, you will receive your money within Letyshops and then you can transfer it to your bank account or to Paypal.

Alternatives to Letyshops to use with SHEIN

If in addition to knowing Letyshops with SHEIN you are interested in knowing about other alternatives to buy in SHEIN because perhaps Letyshops does not work in your country or you want to find another platform that gives you more Cashback for your country, these web pages that you will see below you can use them to buy also in SHEIN:

  1. Beruby:Beruby gives us 7% cashback from the SHEI store. It also offers us 4 purchase coupons in SHEIN. Beruby works for Spain, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, USA and Mexico.

  2. Rakuten: Rakuten is only available for the United States and gives us 5% Cashback with SHEIN and $ 10 welcome to spend.

  3. Widilo: Widilo works in Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain and you can get 10% Cashback from SHEIN, and we can also enjoy € 5 when registering and multiple discount coupons.

  4. Megabonus:Megabonus gives us SHEIN Cashback if we are located in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Spain, France, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, Holland, Russia, Sweden or the United States. We will get a 6.7% balance returned with Megabonus. It also contains many discount coupons.

  5. Backit: Backit only works in Russia, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, United States, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Portugal, Greece, Hungary and we will get 8% balance returned.

  6. Other: We can find other Cashback pages for SHEIN like Swagbucks, Upromise or Kiindly.

    In this summary table you will find all the Cashback platforms that work with SHEIN so that you can choose your best option and obtain a clear comparison with respect to the rectum of websites:

    5% to 20% depending on the country
    Active Junky
    Simply Best Coupons
    Coupons Cactus
    Giving Assistant

As you can see Letyshops is really easy to use with SHEIN and your earnings will depend on the country where you are. In addition, there are many similar cashback alternatives for SHEIN from Letyshops.