Is Vinted better than Depop - Which one to choose? [Comparison table]

Which is better Vinted or Depop? Comparison table] Here you can find all the characteristics of both platforms so that you can choose the second-hand clothing sales platform that suits you best.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
is vinted better than depop

Vinted is the leading mobile application for the sale of used clothing in the European Union, however it is going strong in the United States. Having bought Chicfy and Pequefy in addition to other second-hand websites, Vinted has more and more active users.

Depop has his kingdom in the United States and shares it with Poshmark. The clothing sales platform was recently bought by Etsy, it is the successful marketplace giant for the sale of handmade products.

If in your country it can be sold on Vinted and Depop, you will surely be interested in knowing which of the two platforms is better. Learn about the differences between Vinted and Depop .

Vinted or Depop Which is better?

Both platforms, both Vinted and Depop, have a website available to buy and sell and also a mobile APP available for IOS and Android.

In the case of both, they are also easy to use and secure in payment. In addition, they also have a lot of longevity since Depop was created in 2011 and Vinted only one year later in 2012, so they have a great trajectory and experience.

It is therefore better to pay attention to other variables to understand if Vinted or Depop is better for you.

Countries where Vinted is available

Vinted is making its way to more countries every day but currently, as Vinted officially indicates, it is available in 15 countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada and the United States.

Countries where Depop is available

With fewer countries available Depop has 6 countries to sell: United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and France.

Who has more possibility of sale Vinted or Depop

Definitely for those who sell in the United States Vinted or Depop can be a real possibility since the United States is really great to be able to sell.

However, for European Union users such as Spain , Vinted will always be better because there is no Depop in Spain currently.

The United Kingdom for being currently outside the European Union, and even being inside due to its condition as an island, has always had to sell within the United Kingdom and therefore, what are you if you are UK Depop or Vinted can be used interchangeably, perhaps getting carried away by the commissions that one or the other platform has or does not have.

The key arrives for users in France, Italy and Germany, if they choose Vinted they will always be able to sell also to Spain, the Netherlands, Brussels, or Lithuania among other countries of the European Union since Vinted is increasingly enabling sales international at affordable prices.

With Depop, users from France, Italy and Germany will only be able to sell between their countries, and the other countries of the European Union will only be able to sell with Vinted.

In case you are from Australia, Depop is a great option to sell used clothing since Vinted is not enabled for these countries.

If you are from Latin America in this case neither Vinted nor Depop is active to sell in these countries and it is best that you use Gotrendier or Mercado Libre among other famous websites of second-hand sale.

Depop VS Vinted Commissions

Although Vinted commissions do not exist, making the seller's job easier, for Depop we have several commissions depending on the means by which the seller makes his sale.

If the product is sold by Depop the commission will be 10%, but if it is done through Paypal and Depop Payments, the commission is 2.9% + 0.30 £ / $ / €.

Resale Vinted or Depop

Reselling is an activity that interests many of the people who sell online. It is about buying products and then selling them on these websites.

In the case of Vinted, the resale of products by a non-professional (non-autonomous) seller is penalized with the total closure of your account, so commercial sales cannot be made at Vinted. While in Depop, this is left more in the air

Images in Vinted and Depop

Both platforms do not allow users to upload images in their advertisements of products that are found on the Internet and that have not been photographs created by themselves trying to comply with copyright law.

Paypal active in Vinted or Depop

Many users are interested in knowing if Paypal is active on these platforms since Paypal gives us the security of being able to ask for our money back if something happens during the purchase or sale.

In the case of Depop Paypal it is active while in Vinted it is not. A clear positive for Depop regarding Vinted.

Sales in Vinted vs Depop

What second-hand sellers are most interested in is whether Vinted or Depop will give you more sales so they don't waste their time.

Without a doubt Vinted is more like a bazaar, it will give you more sales but at a lower price, therefore at a lower profit. Just the opposite is the case of Depop where fewer sales will give you more money.

Submissions in Vinted vs Depop

Another characteristic of the sales platforms between individuals, and that has really captivated me, are the delivery mechanisms.

In Vinted, shipments are easy since the seller only has to print the label, stick it on the package and take it to the shipping company.

But in the case of Depop, the Depop label that we will stick on the package is what ensures the safe shipment of the package, this Depop label is free but is deducted from the commission.

Shipping Prices in Vinted vs Depop

The prices of shipments in Vinted are cheaper than in Depop although it will depend on how far away we want to send the order that will increase this price.

On the other hand in Depop the seller can absorb the shipping cost in the price by putting free shipping while in Vinted this is not possible.

Depop VS Vinted Buyer Protection

Buyer protection will help users who bought a product and did not have the characteristics that the ad said to be reimbursed, or also in the event that the shipment is lost.

Vinted refunds the entire price to the buyers, and compensates the sellers with extra money if the shipping company lost the order.

In the case of Depop, it also refunds the full price of the product.

Depop VS Vinted seller protection

When we talk about seller protection it is a very controversial issue, since normally it is the buyer who has to be protected but when the seller is a private individual, care must be taken with possible fraud against sellers.

In the case of Vinted it does not protect the seller, and it will always support the buyer. Depop also supports the buyer but in the case of the commission it takes from the sale of your earnings, it returns it to the seller when there is a return.

Summary comparison table Vinted or Depop

As a summary of all the factors seen above, you should see this table where all the necessary parameters are found for you to sand your best platform to sell second hand:

10% Depop / 2.9%+0.30$ Paypal y Depop Payments
Was created
EU International Sale
Yes (12 countries)
Yes (3 countries)
Available United States
Registered users
37 millions
30 millions
Available countries
Stolen photos
Not allowed
Not allowed
Buyer protection
Stripe or Paypal payments
Seller protection
Buyer return refund
Seller return refund
commission refund
Ease of shipments
more expensive
- money + orders
+ money - orders
Shipping prices
2.5 < x < 10
5 < x < 17
Custom shipments

How to choose between Vinted or Depop ?

So that you know if Vinted or Depop is better for you, not only will it be worth knowing if the platform has many active users or if it has a commission or not, but you should know if it is available in your country, since otherwise you will have to stay with the one that is in your country.

Try both to find satisfactory results, and you will determine which one is more comfortable for you to use. Surely if you live in the European Union with Vinted you will have better results, although if you are from the United States Depop is better known there.

Do you already know if Vinted or Depop is the best option for you? Hope Yes. I invite you to continue finding very useful information for Vinted or Depop in this blog.