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is selling on etsy worth it

Is it worth selling on Etsy? THE 10 Real Reasons [2022]

Is Etsy really where you should sell? Learn the real reasons why you'll find out if it's worth selling on Etsy and not on other online selling platforms.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Many people can tell you about Etsy but why trust them? You want to know if Etsy is really worth to start paying for their ads and sell those handmade products that cost you so much time and love to make.

I want to give you a vision of a person who is like you but who has made his calculations and has burned his head to know if Etsy is really worth it and not be wasting time, because we can invest our time better than being wrong.

When I started with Etsy I was a little scared, but in two seconds you can see that it is a very easy platform to use. I hope with this article you can eliminate your fears to start selling on Etsy or to boost your sales if you are already on the platform and just need a little more work SEO.

Eventually you'll read this article and have no choice but to choose for you, but I want to put my two cents in from a person who sees a little more broadly the online arena.

Reasons why It's worth selling on Etsy

If you want to know if is it worth selling on Etsy the answer is: YES.

But you should know the real reasons why it is better to sell on Etsy than on other platforms:

  1. Benchmark for craft buyers


    The main reason why is it worth selling on Etsy is because Etsy attracts an audience that wants to buy crafts while other platforms such as Amazon, or Ebay attracts a more generalist audience. Therefore, by attracting an audience focused on buying crafts, we are more likely to sell more quickly.

    What would happen if you start selling on more generalist platforms is that you would probably never get anywhere, because their users are not looking for handmade stuff in your majority.

  2. The most famous

    Etsy is a reference for craft buyers. This means that when a person wants to buy something handmade onlien for themselves or to give as a gift they think of Etsy before any other platform and this is because it is the most famous of all craft sites.

  3. Few resources needed


    If is it worth selling on Etsy is characterized by anything, it is that you need few things to sell:

    - A handmade skill.
    - A lighted and clean photographs, valid only made with your cell phone.
    - About two euros to start with 10 published items (fee per ad 0,17 € for every 4 months of active ad). - A shipping company if your product is physical.
    - Some calculations of profitability of the right product, that is to say, that fits what you spend with your profit plus the shipping cost and the amount of products you can make per month resulting in a price very equal to the handmade market of your same product.
    - How to do SEO on Etsy.

  4. Many customers from the United States

    The majority of customers are from the United States, this means that if you are a seller from another country it will allow you to raise your prices a little bit since in the United States usually the salaries are higher.

    In the United States Etsy is even better known than in other countries, another great reason why is it worth selling on Etsy..

  5. Small learning curve


    After you learn how to open an account on Etsy and how to set up Etsy languages which is another of the more complex parts, you will simply need to learn how to do. SEO on Etsy so that your products appear in the search engine when customers search for your product and thus make sales.

    This is really easy compared to having your own online store and even compared to other platforms like Amazon. So the learning curve of getting started on Etsy is small.

  6. You don't need installations

    When you create your own website, even though it is your own, you will need installations, configurations and maintenance that a tech savvy person would also take a lot of time leaving no time to create the craftsmanship to sell or to service customers.

    Therefore, not having to do any installation is presented as a great advantage of Etsy over having your own online store.

  7. Low start-up investment

    Knowing that to sell crafts you must invest the money in the materials to create them and your time to make them happen, the investment to sell on Etsy is only two:

    - Around 20 cents for each ad you want to publish in your Ets store. - Time to write your Etsy ads SEO-optimized and appear in results.

  8. No bureaucracy for digital products

    Digital products on Etsy have almost no bureaucracy since it is Etsy who is responsible for collecting and declaring the VAT on these products so you only have to declare the rest of taxes in your country.

  9. Otras ventajas por las que merece la pena vender en Etsy

    - You can open your store free of charge.
    - Simple, beautiful and easy to use platform.
    - No installation or technical know-how.
    - Quick to get up and running.
    - Easier to be seen in front of a handmade-loving public.
    - You can sell internationally.
    - Secure payments.

    However, Etsy also has disadvantages that you should be aware of.

    - Etsy has a commission of 5% of each sale, and if you receive your money with Paypal the latter keeps a commission of 3%.
    - You must pay around $2 for every 4 active months that you have an ad.
    - You have to make your products easy to find among your competitors' products so you have to know how to SEO.
    - The store is not your own so you are playing under Etsy's laws.

I hope I have given you a strategic vision of Etsy and that you are not afraid to start selling on this platform for artists and make a living from your passion, there is a space for everyone!

Continue reading the rest of the articles and you will see how this blog can help your handmade development.