How to know if cider clothing is good quality? [The truth about Cider]

Quality in a matter of fashion is very abstract, we can believe that a garment is of quality without being so only because of its physical appearance. In the case of Cider Shop we find visually high-quality clothing, but if you wonder if this is true then you will have to read this article to find out.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
is cider clothing good quality

Cider is a fashion store that is starting to fight with SHEIN and is gaining fame due to its more disruptive and modern designs than SHEIN has.

But, as you know, Cider is of oriental origin and this fact, as it happens with SHEIN, casts doubt on whether his clothes are of quality or not. That's why in this article I explain what you should know about the quality of Cider Shop clothes.

How to know if a piece of clothing is of good quality

There are different ways to know if a piece of clothing is of good quality. One of the ways is to look for the composition of the fabrics that must be natural, such as wool, cotton or silk, they are of a higher quality than synthetics and more breathable. On the other hand, you can check the seams, looking for loose threads, which will tell us if it is made in detail.

There is another way to assess the quality of a garment is by touching the fabrics. That it must have a soft and pleasant sensation to be of quality, but also it must not be too thin so you should avoid translucent fabrics. On the other hand, good quality clothes usually have a good pattern and shape the body well. The details will have been carefully created and will be of quality materials. A good quality garment should be durable and resistant, and will keep its shape and color or shrink after washing it even several times.

Are Chinese clothes of good quality?

Before finding out if Cider's clothing is of Quality you should know what is said about oriental clothing, which I have also verified in my purchases. Clothes from China can vary a lot and each one is different. In general, the cheaper the garment, the worse quality it will have, although this is not always the case.

The fact that China is one of the main clothing producers in the world means that some brands and manufacturers can offer high-quality clothing. However, there are also many Chinese brands and manufacturers that produce low-cost clothing that tends to be the majority, and these use fabrics that are not as good and are more synthetic.

In the case of Cider we find that it is close to clothing that can be understood as not being of such high quality, but it is a little better, but we will go into details later in this article.

Are Cider's clothes of good quality?

Knowing the quality of the clothing in a specific store is complex because even between the same products in the store the quality changes. In the case of Cider Shop, it may require some investigation due to the fact that it is made in the East. However, you should know that there are some ways to assess the quality of clothing before buying in the store.

One of these ways is to check the composition of the tissues. At Cider Shop, you can see the composition of the fabrics in the description of any of the products in the online store. Checking that the fabrics are natural and not synthetic will help you know if the garments are of quality. Although currently, most stores sell fashion products made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester and we will find very few garments made of cotton.

Another way is to investigate Cider Shop, which, although it is now a well-known fashion store that sells online, we always have to take into account that the fact of being oriented means that they have the mode of mass production, so they are Fast Fashion and not Slow Fashion, which will lead them to make garments that are less perfect in their manufacture and in their seams and fabrics.

Something that you have to keep in mind, it is possible to always review the reviews of old customers just below the details of each product to know how they really are from the photographs and thus be able to check if the quality of the product is optimal . Knowing if it frays quickly, if it shrinks when washed, if it changes color, or if it is translucent can be some of the comments made by users in their opinions about the quality of the product.

In general, it can be said that Cider Shop clothes are of good quality, although they always tend not to be as perfect garments as those made in the West, they can be just as valid and optimal to buy.

With all this information, it is up to you to decide whether to buy from Cider, but in general, you have to know that if you like quality clothes like SHEIN then you will be ready to buy from Cider.