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how to work at amazon

How to work at Amazon [How to do it?] Ways to work at home and in person

If you want to work at Amazon and you are not sure how you can do it, in this article you will find the solution to be able to apply for Amazon jobs.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you have seen the TV you will have seen the Amazon ads with the happy smile boxes and how their workers are working every day to distribute the Amazon packages.

The company really looks attractive and colorful to work with. A booming world of positivity that is even represented in the stock market with the rise of Amazon.

Amazon is huge and the people who are making money with this platform today are many.

How to work at Amazon

If you are reading this article you are surely interested in working in their headquarters or in their logistics centers around the world. Especially in Spain there are more and more logistic centers or fullfillments in Spain where the goods are kept.

However, I can bring you the necessary information to work at Amazon, but since I am not an all-powerful God and cannot assure you that I will work at Amazon, I will show you many ways in which people are making money with Amazon and then you will be able to see the opportunities with this company in a more cross-sectional and informed way.

¿How much do they pay at Amazon? Salary Working at Amazon

First of all, you should know how much they pay at Amazon. According to the job portal Indeed they have collected opinions from 131 people who work or have worked at Amazon.

We know that Amazon drivers charge around 990 euros per month, warehouse workers have a salary of 1500 euros which is much higher than the national average. The Amazon delivery drivers earn around 800 euros per month. Sales managers earn approximately 5 thousand euros per month, as do financial analysts.

Actually the workers in the logistics center and the office workers are the best paid, with the transporters being the worst paid at the moment.

Opinions about working at Amazon

Before starting with the options for working at Amazon I will tell you about some of the options for working at Amazon so that you have more complete information about what working at Amazon will mean for you.

Initially and except for the occasional personal opinions that workers may have, their opinions about working at Amazon are positive, with 58 thousand opinions about working at Amazon in the opinions web Glassdor has 4 of the 5 stars of rating that can be given to the company.

In "Glassdor", the good salary, good working environment and work balance are highlighted as advantages of working at Amazon, while other people highlight the high workload. However, in general, we found very good opinions about working in the offices and logistics centers of Amazon.

Ways to work at Amazon

You may want to give a professional change from one company to another, you may be unemployed or you may be studying and want to start working at Amazon. For all those options we can find these possibilities of working at Amazon that we are going to divide in two big groups to give you the maximum possible information:

  1. Working at Amazon as an employee

    At Amazon you can work both from home and in person in the ways we will see below:

    Working at Amazon from Home

    Working at Amazon from home is called working with a virtual office. In different locations in the world of Amazon they work with people who are virtually connected from home and have a contract of employment.

    The only downside is that you may not be able to find remote jobs in your area and you may need to know other languages in order to work virtually with locations in other countries.

    On his website you will find many jobs with virtual office for remote work for Amazon, however these jobs are of a technological nature of information technology such as solution architects, design verification engineers or Android engineers, but also other fashionable professions such as styling assistant or accountant in the administration branch.

    All Amazon job offers for working from home can be found on the Amazon website.

    Working at Amazon in person

    Amazon has many departments where you can work. This is because Amazon has many lines of business beyond the marketplace itself that we know best where we buy or sell.

    The main Amazon teams that you can work on and that break down into many more different teams are

    - Advertising.
    - Amazon Alexa.
    - Amazon Books.
    - Amazon Customer Service.
    - Amazon Devices.
    - Amazon Fresh.
    - Amazon Go.
    - Amazon Web Services.
    - Business and Corporate Development.
    - Consumer Commitment.
    - Consumer payments.
    - Customer confidence and partner support.
    - Digital Entertainment.
    - E-commerce.
    - Global Financial and Business Services.
    - Compliance and Operations.
    - Recursos Humanos.
    - Kindle Content.
    - Legal.
    - Market.
    - Prime Video.
    - Operations Technology.
    - Retail.
    - Student Program.
    - Subsidiaries.
    - Transportation.

    The areas through which you can work at Amazon are

    - Administrative Support.
    - Business Development.
    - Design.
    - Data Science.
    - Automation.
    - Hardware Development.
    - Marketing.
    - Product Management.
    - Professional Services.
    - Sale.
    - Program Management.
    - Software Development Engineer.
    - Solution Architect.
    - Support Engineer.
    - System Development Engineer.

  2. Working at Amazon on a freelance basis

    Another alternative to working at Amazon as an employee is to be self-employed and work without a boss. We will be the ones to undertake the project without needing Amazon to be our only money provider but our ally. More than "working at Amazon" would be defined as "working with Amazon".

    You must bear in mind that working on your own at Amazon requires you to make arrangements to have your business activity in order, being legal and not in danger of being fined. In each country these procedures are different and you can get information from a tax advisor.

    Working with Amazon on your own is a task that you can accomplish through the following possibilities:

    - Amazon Flex: Amazon Flex is the delivery program of the Amazon Prime program. These are self-employed workers who pick up Amazon orders every day to distribute them to the users who receive each order.

    - Sell at Amazon: you can sell your own products on Amazon. You need to be autonomous to sell your products and your own stock at Amazon that you can store yourself (you need a shipping company) or do it by storing it at Amazon's facilities (Amazon Fulfillment - FBA Program) so your orders will be part of the "Amazon Prime" program and will enjoy all its benefits.

    - Amazon Affiliates: Amazon Affiliates gives you a commission for the sales you make of their products on their platform. You give a person a link to an article that contains your identifier and if this purchase you will get around 6% of the value of the product.

    - Amazon Handmade: You can also sell your handmade items with Amazon Handmade, but you must be approved by their program to start selling.

    - Become Amazon Hub: If you have a local Amazon collection point will become a collector of profits for each order you keep to deliver to users in the closet also called Amazon Locker that provides you Amazon.