How to use reference code on SHEIN and get discount [2023]

Want to know how to use or remove SHEIN referral codes? Find out how to get extra discounts thanks to SHEIN ambassadors.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to use reference code on shein

SHEIN referral codes are codes that SHEIN ambassadors offer their followers to use when shopping at SHEIN.

These referral codes can be used in conjunction with other referral codes provided by SHEIN and are usually discounted by at least $ 2.

The SHEIN ambassadors who provide us with these discounts are nothing more than Youtubers, Instagrammers or other reference people because they have large communities that follow them on a social network, and SHEIN accepts them in their affiliate program and gives them a code (that strong> SHEIN referral codes that you will use) for them to share with their users.

After knowing this it is time to know how to use a reference code in SHEIN , of how to eliminate a reference code in SHEIN that you do not want to use and from where find reference code in SHEIN .

How to use a reference code in SHEIN

To use a reference code in SHEIN you have to go to your SHEIN profile, either on the APP or on your mobile, and look for the My References . There you can insert your reference code to use it.

This code will be applied automatically when you make a purchase at SHEIN.

How to use a referral code in SHEIN

How to use a reference code in SHEIN

You can find SHEIN referral codes on different social networks. In these social networks where the influencers are, especially Instagram and YouTube.

But if you want to find SHEIN referral codes faster, search on Google or Youtube "shein youtubers discounts" and you will see many YouTube videos where influencers perform SHEIN hauls and give their discount. You can see this discount in the description.

You can also google "shein instagram discount" to see posts from users who have shared their SHEIN referral coupon.

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How to remove a reference code in SHEIN

There are SHEIN users who wonder How to delete a referral code in SHEIN because they do not want that SHEIN code to be applied as a discount on their purchases or because they want to use a different discount code.

You should know that only one reference code can be used in SHEIN at the same time, that is, you cannot use several simultaneously.

On the other hand, there is currently no way to delete a reference code in SHEIN .

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Where are the reference code available in SHEIN

Some countries do not have available the use of reference code in SHEIN , this means that if you enter SHEIN and your profile does not appear the option My Reference It is because this option is not active in your country.

Some of the countries from which we can use the reference codes are the United States or Mexico, however, in Spain they cannot yet be used.

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