How to use Honey on SHEIN to get discounts [2023]

Do you want to get discounts to use at SHEIN? Honey will provide you with the discounts you need to make your purchases at discounted prices.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to use honey on shein

Surely if you shop regularly at SHEIN you need discounts to make your purchases cheaper.

Honey is a totally reliable extension for your Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge browser since in 2019 it was bought by Paypal. Honey will help you by providing you discount coupons that it tracks through the network of all existing stores or most of them.

It is also users who can add new coupons, through their website, app, extension, so you can also help other people by adding your coupons.

The advantage of SHEIN is that many of the coupons provided to users can be used by other customers whether or not the person who received the coupon used it.

How to use Honey in SHEIN

There are several ways to use Honey in SHEIN both are simple, and the way is different if it is to use it on mobile or computer.

Steps to use Honey in SHEIN on computer

The steps to use Honey in SHEIN on a computer when making your purchases are quite easy:

  1. Sign up for Honey : first visit the Honey website sign up and download the extension for your browser.

  2. Fill your SHEIN shopping cart : now you must fill your SHEIN shopping cart with the products you want to buy.

  3. Click on pay to use Honey : visit your basket and click on the "Pay" button so you can try Honey.

  4. Open Honey : from the extensions button of your browser click on Honey and you will see all the available coupons. Having clicked on "Pay" you will see the space to test coupons.

  5. Try each coupon : if Honey has not opened automatically and does not give you the automatic option to try all the coupons, you will have to do it one by one. Copy and paste each coupon to test it until one is valid for you.

Steps to use Honey in SHEIN on Android mobile, Iphone

To use Honey on mobile, the operation is similar. Download the Honey APP and log in with your Honey user to find the SHEIN coupons and use them during your purchase process.

How to know if there are SHEIN discounts on Honey

When you go through the purchase process, Honey will automatically show you on the screen the discount coupons that exist for SHEIN and if you click on test coupons, Honey will automatically start testing them in the coupon box to know which one is active.

To know if there are active SHEIN coupons in Honey without having to fill the basket on the Honey website you can see how many coupons available you have on SHEIN .

I can't find a Honey coupon for SHEIN

Can't find a coupon with Honey? It may happen that when you use Honey you will not find a coupon to apply to your basket, and this is usually very normal.

Some alternatives if you can't find a coupon with Honey for SHEIN are the following:

  1. Please come back later . You can try to make your purchase again later to see if there are discounts.

  2. Facebook groups . Access SHEIN Facebook groups asking if anyone has coupons for someone to share theirs with you.

  3. Look for discount coupons online . Although it is not the simplest option, you can find some interesting coupons.

  4. Get points from SHEIN . Finally, you can always get points or buy gift cards to have a greater discount at SHEIN.

Getting coupons with Honey for SHEIN is very easy and you will surely get great discounts for your purchases.

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