How to take photos for Vinted to help you sell more [2023]

Improve your Vinted photos! Get more sales thanks to your photographs thanks to some photographs that your buyers will fall in love with.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to take photos for vinted

Although I am more a seller than a buyer in Vinted, a few days ago I was looking for an article in Vinted, a garment with a special cut that I could not find in any store.

I went to Vinted to look for clothes of these types but you really end up angry and I don't think I am the only potential buyer who ends up angry after searching Vinted and this is because in many product photographs the following happened:

- Dark photos : They were dark and I could not appreciate the shape of the garment.

- The defects are not shown : The details were not seen and therefore I did not know where the acceptable defects of the purchase were in the garment.

- Lack of other angles : In most photos there were only photos of the front of the garment hanging on a hanger or on a surface but nothing of the back.

- Bad angles : I had to imagine how it would look because there were no photos with them on and some photographs where a person was wearing the garment were taken from angles where, for example, the part of the shoulders was not well seen, then it's as if it doesn't exist.

Therefore, I have imagination but not enough to imagine all the details that do not appear in the photographs and they are not mentioned in the description. Giving a lot of shine to the mobile by going up and down for each garment to be able to see the photographs well is very annoying and sometimes it is not achieved either.

So today I'm going to talk about how to take photos for Vinted and I'm not talking about this because I'm an expert in photography, even though I've made my little achievements with a SLR camera, if not I want to talk about it as a client who cannot find what she wants because the photographs in general in Vinted tend to be improvable.

How to take photos for Vinted

When we talk about how to take photos for Vinted it is not necessary that we take photographs at the level of ZARA and make it seem that we are professional models, or on the other hand it is not necessary that we create a still life with elements that combine with the garment, since our clients know very well that they are buying from a private individual and they know that the photographs are from walking around the house, but we must focus on that in the photos for Vinted the product looks sharp and detailed .

Vinted Photos at Professional Sellers

If you are a Pro seller then you will have to try harder to make your photos look more professional with models and still lifes, and making use of models and SLR photography equipment, but this article focuses on individual Vinted sellers.

If the product is not detailed, two things can happen: either that the client looks in another profile because he has no desire to ask you and seem annoyed or that he asks you everything he does not see and you have to dedicate hours and hours to answer the questions and then the client seems annoying to you.

I want to repeat that you are not afraid to show the defects of the clothes, since many people want to fix these clothes and simply buy from you because it is cheap.

Also do not be afraid of looking bad in photographs, you do not need to show your face. If you do not like your body because you are not a 90-60-90 standard like I am not, you have to know that your body, which is like that of all women, will help your client to want to buy you before than in a store conventional online since in these other online stores the models do not usually have bodies very similar to ordinary women and they do not feel identified or know if that garment is going to fit them.

I do not want this to be interpreted as that my words and my tastes in taking photography are the norm, but for me I take this type of photos trying to eliminate all the doubts of the clients, or how I would like them to show me all Vinted products.

As you can see, my photographs are very normal, although in lighting and clarity they are very different from most of the ones we found in Vinted. My clients have never really complained, except for some aspects that I'm also going to talk to you about in the step by step about how to take photos for Vinted that I explain below.

To take some really successful pictures for Vinted that will bring you sales, these steps are recommended to be carried out:

  1. Take a white cloth

    I usually use a photographic stand from Aliexpress with a 2-meter white tablecloth that you can find in your closest bazaars. But to avoid buying a photographic support you can take this white tablecloth (or sheet) and hang it on the tendrils strings or grab it with large clips to a shelf or catch it with the door.

    If you can't find any way to hold the fabric vertically then you can put the fabric on the ground and take the photos from above, but they won't have the advantage that you won't be in them and it will reduce your ability to sell.

    You can also take the photographs in front of a white wall, although if your wall has gotelé it is better to do them outdoors since the gotelé creates shadow.

  2. Use lighting

    The lighting is the factor that makes the details of the garment show, so if you can take the photographs on your terrace, patio or outdoors with a background fabric, or a light background, a lot of women.

    If you take the photographs indoors, as in my case, you will have to use photography light points.

  3. Choose your camera

    You have two options: a reflex camera, or your own mobile. The normal thing is that you choose your mobile, I have always chosen my reflex camera because the details are better seen, but with your mobile outdoors you will be able to capture the details better.

    You need someone to take your pictures if you are wearing your clothes or have a tripod that carries the weight of the SLR or a simple tripod for mobile that you will be able to find in any bazaar.

    You can also try holding the selfie stick somewhere, if you don't want to spend money on a tripod and you already have a selfie stick.

  4. Frame your photographs

    Vertical Vinted photos are better. Make sure to take photos in all poses so you don't have to repeat the photos. Take photos in the following ways:

    - Head on.
    - In profile.
    - From the back.
    - Detail of the fabric.
    - Photos of the label.
    - Photos of the damage.
    - Photos of artistic pose, which are usually the best for the cover photo of the product as they attract the purchase.

  5. Choose the photos

    When you have taken all the photos, you have to select them. Remember that blurry photos are not good for making sales, so discard them. Choose up to 6 photos.

  6. Editing the photos

    You must edit your photos, where you can cut them for example if you don't want to show your face. Simply take your mobile and edit your photos and increase the contrast a little and raise the brightness a little. If you use a SLR camera then you must download them to your computer and use Photoshop to edit it.

    Here I will tell you about some of my mistakes when editing the photos that could make some buyers uncomfortable:

    - Unintentionally alter the tone of the photos . Be careful when editing your photos not to change the tones, for example changing a camel color for a more yellowish one.

    - Contrast the photos a lot . Highly contrasting the photos in Vinted, making the whites very white and the blacks very black makes the details of the garment not visible in the black and leads the buyer to doubt, in addition to that although we still do not know why the high contrasts in the photographs (excess white) leads Vinted to delete the photos, or that's what happened to me until I stopped contrasting them.

Finally you can upload your photographs to your product and you will see how the change in your sales occurs, or at least you will get many more visits and likes that will give you notoriety and Vinted will show you to more potential buyers.