How to Sell SHEIN Clothing and Make Money Reselling Fashion EASY!

Are you passionate about fashion and reselling clothes? Make money selling SHEIN clothes and start your own business! Learn quickly and easily how to start selling today.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to sell shein clothes

If you are reading this article, you probably already know that SHEIN is one of the most fashionable shops for men, women and children of Chinese origin and that it sells on the Internet internationally.

I'm sure you'd like to start selling fashion and don't know where to get the clothes from and you find SHEIN a very attractive option for buying and reselling Chinese clothes that have a very modern design and that most women love.

Selling SHEIN's clothes is legal as long as you don't do it pretending to be them and as long as you do it always implying that you are not SHEIN.

A wonderful option

So many people today have no income or their pay for their work is too low, and this means that they do not achieve the quality of life they need to meet even the minimum requirements of life.

That is why we must take these opportunities and new ideas that the day to day offers us to go back to have a better life.

Selling SHEIN's clothes is an idea that came up on the net some time ago and that many girls have told through their experience selling the clothes how they have managed to earn money and even make a living from it.

This activity can be more or less lucrative depending on the taxes in your country and the discounts you get on the clothes you buy, but it's just a matter of getting started!

How to sell SHEIN clothes

Selling SHEIN clothes is all about using the online shop's discounts, points and free shipping to get the clothes cheaper than they are and resell them at our profit:

- Discounts: SHEIN offers you numerous discounts just for registering, making your first purchase or having the app installed. Even new discounts are published without any cause. This is very positive for buying clothes and items at a discount and increasing our financial benefit when reselling.

- Points: points are redeemable for cash discounts on our purchases. Every 100 points obtained will result in a 1 USD discount on our purchases. We can get them with some actions like registering, buying products, checking in your app, publishing comments about the bought products, or publishing our looks. (Everything you need to know to earn SHEIN points here)

- Shipping costs: from 30 euros we can already find free shipping in some countries. Taking advantage of the free shipping periods and circumstances will help us to buy SHEIN products even cheaper.

- Flash Offers: the flash offers are discounts that SHEIN makes on garments periodically, for which we can find balances to buy garments from 3 or 5 euros.

If you have doubts about whether selling SHEIN clothes is legal, here you will know if you can sell SHEIN clothes and everything that is known about it.

Steps for selling SHEIN clothes

If you want to start selling SHEIN clothes do not miss these steps that will lead you to the success of clothing resale:

  1. Register with SHEIN's Online Shop

    The first thing you have to do is register at SHEIN's online shop with your details so that you can buy all the garments you want to resell.

  2. Collect points and discount coupons

    In order to get the cheapest garments you can choose to look for discounts and points within SHEIN's website and APP.

    Find other ways to collaborate with SHEIN here.

  3. Choose the type of products you will buy

    It may be easier or simpler for you to know how to choose accessories that will sell easily, bags, shoes or sportswear. If you know which people might like more a type of clothing or accessories do not hesitate to choose these styles or products to sell faster.

  4. Choose your name and open your networks

    To start selling choose a name to create your social network bazaar and have everything ready for when your product arrives. Also in addition to social networks you can choose to sell on marketplaces like Ebay.

  5. Choose a delivery company

    The logistics are cumbersome but compulsory. You have to get the products to your customers so you have to choose a serious shipping company with a low shipping rate before you can sell SHEIN clothes.

  6. Place your order

    You're all set. It's time to place your order in the SHEIN shop. You have to wait patiently for the products to arrive at your home but it will be worth it.

  7. Put SHEIN's clothes on sale

    When the clothes arrive at their destination you must photograph them and choose a profit per garment that will be your profit. Start posting them on your social networks and interacting with your audience to attract their attention and achieve many sales!

We hope you found this article useful and can quickly start selling SHEIN clothes to build your business or extra income.