How To Sell Patpat Clothes And Create A Business Easily [2023]

If you want to sell Patpat clothes and manage to create your own fashion business, you must know all the information that you will read in this guide article on how to sell Patpat clothes.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to sell patpat

Opening a small online clothing fashion business, or a physical business, or having more variety of clothing for your physical fashion store to attract more public is possible thanks to Patpat. Patpat does allow us to sell their clothes in front of other stores in front of other stores of Chinese origin that do not allow them.

Patpat is a children's clothing store of Chinese origin very similar to Hibobi, which makes it have very low sales prices. In addition to children's clothing, Patpat has clothing for maternity women and women of large sizes. It also manages to have a large number of products, so we can choose between multiple varieties when selling.

However, Patpat has much more children's clothing since it is its specialty, and if you want to focus on selling this type of clothing, PatPat may be your best option to start a business.

How to sell Patpat clothes?

Selling Patpat clothes is completely independent of them, that is, being a company or not will depend exclusively on you.

But to sell Patpat clothes successfully you need an audience to sell to, therefore, you need to have: a web platform with visitors, a community on social networks, a physical store or people to the one you can sell by catalog.

In order that you can sell Patpat clothes and earn money from the first moment. However, you can choose other options to sell your clothes without investment.

To start selling Patpat clothes you should start knowing that there are two Patpat websites where you can buy your clothes:

- Patpat: It is the normal Patpat website where all users buy even if they do not want to sell clothes, but instead buy as individuals for themselves. On this website there is a limit of units that we can buy of each item.

- Patpat Wholesale: This is Patpat's wholesale website focused on sales to businesses, although they do not necessarily have to be registered as companies. You can buy unlimited units, so you can buy as many items as you want from each product.

The main differences between both websites is that Patpat Wholesale does not have a limit on the number of products sold and it will not tell you the shipping costs until you fill your basket. Actually the shipping costs can be really higher than the traditional Patpat website, since Patpat for sale to individuals offers free shipping when a purchase price is reached, although Patpat Wholesale offers discounts for quantity of product purchased but Patpat still earns a individuals as a cheaper price.

So finally, Patpat Wholesale can be an option for very large businesses that want to sell children's clothing and require a professional sale and larger quantities of product in the shortest possible time.

There are several possibilities that Patpat gives you to sell your clothes, and you can choose the one that best fits your purchasing power or responsibility that you would take on from your business:

You should know that the following options for selling Patpat clothes are not officially given by Patpat, but since it allows us to sell clothes from its store, we can then buy and sell its products the way we want and the most common ways to sell online are which I will express below.

  • Sell Patpat by Dropshipping

    The first way to sell PatPat clothes that is discovered as the easiest and least expensive way, is to create an online store or accept orders via social networks unitary from your customers and when this happens to go to the normal Patpat website to place the order and add the address of the person so that the item arrives. For the return you must manage it when the client requests it. The risk of this option is that the client may know that your items are from Patpat and buy them on their own.

  • Sell Patpat by catalog

    Selling Patpat by catalog is similar to the previous option, since you will not have to invest, only in buying the items if you do not ask customers for payment in advance. Selling by catalog is going to friends, relatives, or other mothers interested in children's clothing and showing them the Patpat catalog so that they can sand, and then you make a joint order asking for a profit for you, in addition to the price of the item. You can place orders to reduce shipping costs.

  • Sell Patpat Wholesale

    If you want to create a large business, you can buy large quantities of product at Patpat Wholesale. When you buy the product to sell, it will arrive at your warehouse and it will be you who will sell it in your physical establishment or online store.

  • Sell Individual Patpat

    The alternative to the previous option is what you can do if you want to buy and sell Patpat items managing your sales. You must buy products in Patpat on the web for individuals and then sell them in your physical store, online store, or market.

    In this option there are no risks since you can make small orders with little investment that allow you to sell relatively quickly.

The way you sell Patpat clothing will depend on you and your needs at any given time. If you want to learn more about Patpat and other online stores continue reading the blog articles.