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how to sell on wish

How to sell on Wish in 5 Simple Steps? [Wish for merchants] 2022

Find out how to start selling your own products on the successful Wish platform and app quickly and easily. In this article I explain how to do it so you can get started today and start earning money.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

In this article we are going to talk about Wish for merchants and review how to sell through Wish and I want to explain what Wish is and why it is important to use this platform to sell your physical products.

The Wish platform previously allowed us to be a collection point for products sold on its platform by other sellers so that customers can come and collect the products from your premises, but if you are the one who sells products, it is in your interest to know how to sell on Wish.

What is Wish?

Wish is a mobile app where "Shopping is fun". It is an extensive marketplace where you can find all kinds of products at affordable prices.

The quality of the products sold and the shipping times are similar to Joom, Aliexpress or Light in the box.

The Wish platform and mobile app was created by two former Google engineers, who came up with the idea, realising that they could achieve success by selling products using a product recommendation algorithm to consumers: the great advantage of Wish. With the help of a persuasive Wish mobile app ad system and a randomness of product price variation that has made it one of the most successful platforms online.

If you are wondering where do wish products come from we know that the products sold by the platform and manufactured by them come from China which gives an answer to why wish is so cheap, however with the opening of Wish Merchant they are incorporating many other sellers from other points such as Spain so they have higher prices but shipping times are reduced between sale and purchase in Spain.

Wish offers two options for businesses to earn money, the first is Wish Local and the second is Wish Merchant.

What is Wish Local?

Wish Local is one of the ways Wish offers retail merchants who own local businesses the possibility to earn money by partnering with Wish.

This means that all businesses that join the Wish Local programme will have the possibility of appearing on the Wish app as a collection point for products purchased by customers.

The mechanism of how to sell at wish local is as follows. A customer buys a product in the Wish app and decides to mark your store as a pick-up point. When the product arrives at your shop it receives a message with a code to be read by the merchant delivering the product to the customer.

Joining this programme is completely free of charge. It is only necessary to have a mobile phone to read the codes that we give to the customer.

What is Wish Merchant?

On the other hand we find Wish Merchant. The golden nugget of Wish and what this article on how to sell on Wish is about is Merchant, the concept created by Wish to make room for local sales in the country within its platform and for only a 15% commission on the price of the product.

If you are wondering what you can sell on Wish, you will know that the first thing Wish does not allow you to sell are services, although it does allow you to sell products made to measure by the merchant, such as a made-to-measure dress or a painting to order.

It is also forbidden to sell counterfeit products, digital delivery products, weapons, drugs, plant seeds, or other sensitive products as the platform can be used by children under the age of thirteen. Advertisements that do not comply with this rule will be removed and merchants will not be allowed to sell on Wish again.

On the other hand, some of the unlawful considerations for realisation on the Wish platform include promotion of the merchant through the Wish brand.

How to sell on Wish?

Selling on Wish is really easy, just follow a few simple steps and in no time you will have your product listings set up on your Wish shop dashboard:

  1. Register

    The first thing you need to do to start selling on Wish is to access the Wish Merchant page and click on "Try it now" to start your registration. Wish does not ask for very sensitive information about the shop, so you can imagine that it can also be used by amateurs, as it doesn't require you to be autonomous in the registration process. Choose your language, the name of your shop, your password, email, the address of your shop, your country and your mobile phone number where you will receive a verification number. Continue to the next step.

  2. Confirm your email

    This step is simple, and we will receive an email to our email inbox with a verification code.

  3. Verify your shop

    If you are not a franchisee, we recommend selecting the Payment Provider and Payoneer option, at which point you will start linking your shop with the Payoneer platform to receive payments. And that's it!

  4. Approved by Wish

    Wait for your account to be approved. After registration the Wish platform will start verifying your registration to approve your account.

  5. Create your board

    Start adding your products one at a time, or you can also add several at once by adding your CSV file in the "Products" section.

Alternatives to Wish

If you are not yet convinced about selling on Wish, you can always choose to sell your products on one of the other platforms similar to Wish, such as:

- Aliexpress
- Ebay
- Amazon
- Google Shopping
- Instagram Shopping

If you have learned how to sell on Wish in this article, it's time to get started. Keep reading the rest of the articles on my website where you will find more tips on how to make money with your projects, business or extra money.