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how to sell handmade things

How to sell handmade Tips! [STEP BY STEP]

All the options for selling handmade stuff online are here. Discover alternative platforms to Etsy. Monetise your handmade stuff! Make money with your handmade crafts and handmade stuff. Discover the most demanded crafts, the steps and tricks to sell handmade, and the platforms you can use to sell products online in a simple and profitable way.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you are a handy person and you are good at creating, setting up your own business to sell your handmade goods is more than possible and profitable. Today we tell you the tricks to sell handmade crafts, the most common craft ideas and the platforms to sell your handmade things without spending money.

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If you are starting to sell handmade products, also known as craft or handmade, you will surely be interested to know which is the most demanded craft.

Today it can be said that the fashion sector is where the most popular handicrafts are found, but it is also a sector with a lot of competition, followed by decoration.

Here are some ideas of handmade things you can make to sell: - Earrings. - Soaps. - Cushions. - 3D printed figurines. - Wall stickers - Stickers. - Stamps. - Candles. - Dresses.


Before we start with the tips and tricks as well as the list of platforms to sell handmade things online or handmade I want to solve this question that haunts us so much in our heads. If you want to know if you can sell handmade products without being self-employed, the answer is yes, but with a catch. And there is a trick to it.

Actually in Spain, unlike in other countries you can not sell anything without registering as a freelancer or the equivalent in other countries so the ideal is that you start selling handmade without being self-employed especially to know that your product really sells and when a month you reach a minimum profit of 500 euros you run to register.

Being a freelancer should not stress you at first, focus on selling your product and making the customer fall in love with it.


Creating handmade things is great but it can be difficult to start generating sales and so we need a roadmap, a way to get there and make our business a reality. So these tips and tricks below will give you an idea of what you need before you can build your handmade business:

Focus on the reach of users of the platform and their commissions to know how to choose a platform where you can sell your handmade products or handmade things.


    Do you know that to turn your hobby into a business you must define your business model? That is to say, to know for sure what your objective is with your enterprise, where you want to get to. What are the products you want to make, in what models, in what colours, when you will sell them, in what media and with what financing. Know the costs of your company and correctly define the prices of the products and investment in advertising to obtain the right return.


    To sell handmade things online if you do brading your brand will never be alone. Branding is the process through which you manage to shape your brand with a strategy and the objective of dazzling potential customers, creating a community around it and by which in the future they will distinguish your brand and you will provoke more sales. Create your brand image, your colours and your values. Create your distinction so that you will not be confused in the market.


    Locating your company in the market in order to be in the exact place where the customers who like your product are can only be achieved by knowing exactly who that customer is so that through their characteristics such as age or tastes you can digitally attract them by filtering them by these parameters.


    This is necessary if you want to sell handmade things online. You need a digital place to sell. An online shop to start with. You can get started on one of the platforms below or create your own shop on your own server or use intermediate solutions such as Shopify.


    Community is necessary to sell handmade things online. Your community are those people who love your brand, willing to buy from us. We must create it. We can always start it in social networks by sharing content of value, interesting, that the customer wants to know, and lead them to us because they are dazzled by our branding, or by other actions such as sweepstakes and strategies that we carry out to build loyalty in this community of followers who are future buyers.


    It hurts to say it, but after-sales service is a bit cumbersome. Customers can complain and want a refund. This service must be the best possible. In addition, during purchases, we must attend to future customers via chat to speed up these sales.

Have you already chosen the product you are going to make to sell on handmade platforms? If so, get to work or you can also continue reading the rest of the blog articles where we tell you more interesting things about how to make money.