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how to sell avon

How to Sell Avon and become a Distributor How does it work? How much do they pay? [+ 7 Tricks]

Become an Avon Distributor! What is it, advantages and disadvantages, requirements, salary, how to join. Being an Avon distributor and learning how to sell is easy. Discover all the information you need to start your small makeup distribution business.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Freedom, enjoying yourself, doing what you are passionate about... does that ring a bell? In our day to day with our normal jobs working for others, we can feel an emptiness of not developing a job that fills us completely, or frustration for not being able to enjoy enough with our family and friends.

A job for someone else may not give enough meaning to our life and turn it gray and unpromising, but what is there beyond a normal job?

Avon gives us the opportunity to obtain a job where we do not depend directly on a boss, but on ourselves, obtaining a salary at the end of the month simply from our efforts. We can fit this work around our schedules so it's really comfortable to work with Avon.

Is Avon for you?

It is a perfect business for you if:

- You are a mom who doesn't have time to work and wants to get some money.
- You don't have a job and you like cosmetics.
- You have some free monthly hours and you want to get a bonus.
- You are a makeup artist or have a salon and would like to sell makeup products.
- You don't have time to work but you can use some hours to earn extra money.

How to sell Avon

If you still haven't decided whether to become an Avon distributor, then I'll explain everything you need to know to learn how to sell Avon easily and simply dictates how you can get your business dreamed in the world of makeup.

What is Avon

Avon is one of the makeup distributors that is a reference worldwide and also has a turnover of more than ten billion dollars with millions of distributors around the world. Avon is a trusted company that has worked for many years creating cosmetics.

But also their commitment to women goes far beyond simply good quality makeup at a good price.

They seek to support women with the sale of Avon products so that they can own their own business and thus manage to reconcile their lives both with their children and with their vocation or their social life.

How to become an Avon distributor

You can become an Avon distributor very easily. You will be able to have your own free online store within the Avon website and start selling any of the products that you add to your store, which are those that are available in the Avon general store.

Steps to become an Avon distributor

To become an Avon distributor you just have to follow these steps

- Access the Avon website and fill in the form.
- An Avon distributor in your area will contact you to explain everything you need to know to start selling Avon.
- You will pay your initiation fee of around 15 euros. - You will be given your Avon initiation to teach people the benefits they can get from buying and using Avon makeup.
- You will create your online store within the Avon website and add your products.
- Later you will start selling your products among your community of known people. You can use the catalog provided by Avon to even sell Avon by catalog.
- Manage to attract other vendors to your network to earn percentages of their sales and increase your monthly salary.

What is the salary of an Avon distributor

Surely you are interested to know what is the salary of an AVON distributor. The salary of an AVON saleswoman is 50% of her sales and you will also earn income every 21 days. This means that you need to reach a minimum of sales per month to achieve a monthly salary and make a living from the world of makeup.

Advantages of selling Avon

The great cosmetics brand AVON offers you a business with multiple advantages:

- Enjoy flexible hours.
- You work from home at your own pace.
- No one will fire you from your job.
- You will not work when you want.
- You will always have help when you have doubts.
- You will be your own boss and you will only answer to yourself and your goals.
- Passive income by capturing other vendors under your responsibility.

Disadvantages of selling Avon

Before being an Avon salesperson you should know that it is a demanding business, you will work as an entrepreneur, something very important before you start selling. These are the disadvantages of selling Avon:

- You need to achieve goals to earn a salary.
- You must have courage and not be afraid of sales.
- Your mind must be strategic.
- You must have knowledge of makeup and beauty.
- You must declare your income when registered as self-employed.

Tricks to sell Avon

When you start at AVON you wonder how to sell Avon? If you have never sold any product either physically or on the Internet, it can be very difficult for you to start selling AVON makeup and cosmetics. Although your distributor leader will be with you to help and advise you on how to sell Avon, these tricks will surely give you some ideas to sell more:

  1. Always carry the Avon catalogues. You never know when you'll find an opportunity to sell. If the catalogs go with you to all the sites you will have more possibilities to sell.

  2. Sell through Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a tool through which it is very easy to sell. You can include yourself in makeup groups, or groups where users are usually women to make yourself known.

  3. Create your social networks. On Instagram you can show how you make up with Avon and offer the products with your link to your online store.

  4. Offers paid makeup sessions so you can pay the price of the makeup you buy from your Avon online store.

  5. Organize makeup classes. You can make your paid makeup courses with which you teach other women to put on makeup.

  6. Open yourself to using many social networks and favor your sales. The more social networks you use, the more possibilities to sell you will have.

  7. Create your own makeup blog to reach more users by sharing your makeup tips.

  8. Include free makeup samples with every order to encourage customers to place new orders.

Alternatives to selling Avon

If you don't start the business of selling Avon and you don't want to become a distributor, there are also other viable alternatives for you to do your business within the world of beauty:

- Sell makeup from Oriflame or Mary Kay, very similar to Avon.
- Resell makeup purchased from low-cost suppliers or Marketplaces such as Aliexpress. You must be the one who puts the online store.
- Use affiliate programs to promote makeup online and earn a percentage of each sale.

If this article on how to sell Avon was helpful, you can find more articles on how to make money with fashion and beauty on the blog.

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