How to Order at SHEIN Step by Step and Save Big [2022]

Do you have doubts about how to place your SHEIN order? It is time for you to learn to make your purchases in a simple and, above all, economical way, becoming the complete shopping professional at SHEIN.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to order from shein

Buying in online stores can be something very obvious for people who are recurring Internet users, but if you have reached this article, it is likely that you are not an active user of Internet purchases and want to get started in this aspect Or maybe what you need is to learn all the secrets of shopping at SHEIN.

In the case of SHEIN, buying in their store is not a task like it might be done in other stores, as SHEIN has a large number of very beneficial mechanisms for the price of our order. And it is convenient for us to use these mechanisms if we want to have the lowest price and save on our purchases, which is usually the main objective of people who buy at SHEIN.

Tips ordering at SHEIN

Before starting with the step by step of how to place an order at SHEIN you should take into account some tips that will help you not to make any type of purchase at SHEIN and your purchases will pass to be professionals:

  • Don't buy to buy. Always wait to find articles that really fit your needs, because there will surely be.

  • If you want to save, buy in seasons opposite to the current one because winter garments are more discounted in summer.

  • Be careful with white clothing because it is usually somewhat translucent and hardly anyone notices it in the photos on the web.

  • Also beware of other garments that may be translucent and not noticeable. You can read in the product description if they are transparent or not.

  • There will always be a product for a similar price or less than the one you are interested in with which you can obtain savings.

  • You can find clothing clones from other brands like Zara just by doing a photo search.

  • If you don't look at the photos of the user reviews, you will probably be disappointed when the garment arrives.

  • You should always check the size that you think will fit you with the sizes of the opinions that users give.

  • You must be careful with the fabrics because some are very thick for summer and others very thin for winter.

  • Plus size clothing can be sized to fit standard sized people.

  • The measurements and sizes of the garments do not coincide with other articles. Each garment has different measurements.

  • The more orders you make, the more points you will accumulate and level up in SHEIN VIP so you will have more discounts.

  • There are many items that cannot be returned because they are on sale or are final sales.

Steps to place an order at SHEIN

Take note of these steps to place your order at SHEIN like a professional and never go wrong:

  1. Register in SHEIN: before starting to register in SHEIN you must check that the website is in your country and in your currency. To do this, you only have to change the configuration of the countries found at the end of the web, and on your mobile in "My profile" and then clicking on the adjustment icon next to the shopping bag icon.

    When you have changed the language, country and currency settings to put them in yours you can register in to have a user to buy with. You must use your phone number or your email and verify your data to be able to use the account.

    how to order on SHEIN
  2. Learn to search on SHEIN: learning to search on SHEIN is quite an art, since when we move through the menu of the web we will not see all the articles that SHEIN has because because there are so many that they do not fit into the categories. You must use the search engine to find the articles you need and when you enter an article you will see related items in the footer that will help you get to the exact article you like because the more you browse, the more similar articles will be shown to you.

  3. how to order on SHEIN
  4. Learn to interpret the sizes: SHEIN sizes are easier to interpret than in other stores since each measurement of each size of each garment is specified when you click on each size . So you only have to measure yourself and see what measure you correspond to to choose your size.

    Be careful also with the materials of the garments you choose since some fabrics are very hard and thick and you may not like them. Also check the components of the garment in the product description.

  5. how to order on SHEIN
  6. Make your wish list: as you browse the web to see what items you want to buy, you can click on the heart that you will find next to the "Add to bag" button. This heart gets that garment added to your wish list and later you can return to it to decide if you want to buy it.

    You can also classify your wish lists by categories and search easily within they. This way your lists will be very organized and then you will find everything you want quickly.

  7. how to order on SHEIN
  8. Add the items you like to the basket: visit your wish list and click on the "Add to bag" button to go to your shopping basket all those items that you are definitely going to buy.

  9. Check and adjust the sizes and quantities: so that you don't buy the wrong size or repeat buying several garments of the same item, you need to check the sizes and quantities to check that everything is fine. It may seem like something very vain, but when we make such impulsive purchases as SHEIN's, it is very easy to make mistakes and many of the items cannot be returned.

  10. Look for SHEIN coupons: Normally when you sign up to SHEIN for the first time you get a discount coupon and free shipping for a very small order price. But if not, you can always find discount coupons on the home page of both the SHEIN website and the mobile application.

    As a general rule, SHEIN periodically offers very interesting discount coupons and you will get more advantages the more orders you make.

  11. Get SHEIN points: SHEIN will give you points when you verify your account to make your first purchase. These points are redeemed every 100 for 1 dollar. You can get more points when you buy and review what you have received, also by checking in daily or participating in SHEIN games. When you make your purchase you can easily redeem them.

  12. Wait for the free shipping day: although SHEIN already gives you free shipping on your first purchase of 9 euros, there are also free shipping days that change. Normally these days are between Sundays and Wednesdays but it is something totally random and you must be aware with the basket full to make your purchase.

  13. Get a gift card: if you want to make a purchase of at least 40 euros, you can buy a gift card and send it to yourself, saving around 5 euros. It is another way to make your purchase cheaper. If your order is less than 40 euros, you should not buy this card since its minimum is 40 euros.

  14. Redeem your coupons, points and gift card: click on your shopping cart and you will see that below the price of the order there are several boxes to redeem your coupons, your points and your gift card. This way you can make the discount on your purchase. It is not mandatory to redeem all of them.

  15. Select the shipping insurance: it is not always necessary to activate the shipping insurance of 1 euro. You can leave it unactivated, but if you activate it, SHEIN agrees to send you another shipment complete with all the products you ordered if it is lost.

  16. Choose your shipping options: you can choose between home delivery or pick-up point. Also between standard or express shipping. Express shipping only exists in some countries and not in others because shipping is already fast enough.

  17. Make your payment: process your payment using any of the existing methods, including installment payment, payment by card or Paypal.

Finally your order will arrive at your address or a collection point depending on what you have chosen when placing your order, in the time indicated by the shipment in your country. You will receive a notice when the order arrives in your country and is going to be delivered. You can also follow up through the SHEIN website and contact them via chat if you have any problems.

If you want to know more secrets of online fashion shopping and other sectors, you will discover them in this blog in all the articles that you will see at the bottom of the page.