How to get a SHEIN order to your home faster when you shop [2023]

Is it possible for an order from SHEIN to arrive sooner than usual or are we forced to wait until the order arrives? Learn how to get your SHEIN order to your home faster in a simple way.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to get faster shipping on shein

If you're one of those impatient people who always expect results soon, then you're one of my kind! This sure makes you hope that your SHEIN order will arrive soon and you can't wait. Especially in the event that you need to get points for your next purchase and have a great discount.

In this article we are going to see what are the reasons why your order may arrive late and how to get your order to arrive earlier than expected.

Causes that may delay SHEIN shipping

The reasons why your SHEIN order can be delayed is the fact that the shipping company is collapsed. Or your country is far away from China and this will delay the shipment.

The good thing about SHEIN is that they are always working actively even if it is a holiday in their country and your shipment is guaranteed to be sent.

If you have chosen a slower shipping on SHEIN then you will know that your shipment will arrive in your country in the period of time indicated by SHEIN's policy.

However, SHEIN usually says that orders arrive in more time than they normally do and your order will surely arrive earlier than expected.

How to get a SHEIN order faster

Normally we are not the owners of the speed at which an order can arrive, however, there are small nuances that will help us to ensure that an order arrives before its expected date. These ways for your SHEIN order to reach its destination faster are the following:

  • Make Smaller Orders: In my experience, small orders that are not necessarily pricey, but few items, have been shipped very quickly by SHEIN and the processing time has been shortened as this can vary between 1-3 days and small orders only take a few hours to process.

  • Choose express delivery: if your country has express delivery then you can pay an extra to get it to your home or collection point as soon as possible. But you must accept that you will have to pay a higher shipping price so that it arrives earlier.

  • Please do not place orders during sales times and festivals: neither in western sales times nor in festive times for China and the West. It is in these two moments when you should avoid placing orders so as not to fall into the collapses of the shipping agencies that cause your order to be delayed even more.

  • Order ahead of schedule: it is difficult to know in advance what we are going to want to buy from SHEIN but the most important thing is that you order as soon as possible so you do not have to wait so much so that it arrives because you are late choosing.

  • Get points, coupons and gift cards: if your main goal is to get SHEIN points and coupons to get cheaper shipping and you want your order to arrive sooner get your points then you can get points, coupons and gift cards in other ways to make more orders. You can get these through SHEIN games. Even by placing more orders you can get more coupons periodically.

As a general rule, there is no magic trick to get your SHEIN order to your home sooner, and this will depend on the country in which you are making your purchase. The closer your country is to China, the faster your order will arrive.

Remember that if your order arrives late, SHEIN will always compensate you with discount coupons so you don't stop shopping at their store, so you don't have to lose hope of getting discounts with your purchase.

Learn even more tricks about SHEIN in all the content that I have written for you in this blog about buying and selling and that you will see together after finishing this article.