How to contact Vinted if you are a seller or customer [2023]

Do you have a problem or question? The best thing is that you contact Vinted whether you are a seller or a client of the platform.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to contact vinted

When we are using the Vinted used clothing sales APP we must finally at any time contact Vinted , and this is because it is an automated platform from which we need an answer to avoid problems.

In this article I will explain how I contact Vinted, so that they have solved my problems really well.

How to contact Vinted ?

Contacting Vinted is very easy, you just have to take into account all the information that you will find below:

Reasons to contact Vinted

Some of the most common reasons why you can contact Vinted are:

- Returns : in case you have a problem with a return, whether you are a seller or a buyer.

- Fraudulent users : if a user has written to you wanting to make a purchase or a sale from outside the platform.

- Ads removed : if Vinted has removed an ad from your shop and you think it is unfair.

- Delayed orders : if an order is late in arriving or you don't know where it is.

- Problems with payments : if you have any problems with bank transfers or your purchases, you can also consult.

- General questions : if you want to be answered about general doubts such as how to wrap your products correctly, or how to respond to a situation in Vinted.

Tips for contacting Vinted

I have some tips for you that will help you and give you peace of mind when contacting Vinted:

  • Be patient

    Sometimes it may take more than 24 hours to get back to you but this is due to vacation periods when fewer people are working.

  • Be respectful

    Treat human beings with respect even if you don't get what you want.

    Sometimes, they may not agree with you as a seller, but it is Vinted's policies and its workers are not to blame.

  • Explain in detail

    It is important that when you contact them you know exactly what you are going to tell them, detailing and giving evidence of your problem so that they can respond directly to what you want.

    Therefore, provide images and usernames as specific as possible.

Contact Vinted by phone

Currently no one contacts Vinted by phone, this is because it is normal that they do not take it because phone calls slow down the number of infinite inquiries that sellers and buyers make in Vinted.

That is why they only attend to queries via chat that make it much faster for all users to have an answer.

Contact Vinted by chat

To contact Vinted, the only existing possibility is to do so through Vinted's chat. To do this, follow the steps below and you will surely get an answer:

  1. Access the Vinted website

    The only place to go so that they can really give you a solution in Vinted and get in touch with them quickly and effectively is inthis page here .

  2. Click on the Contact button

    You have to click on the bottom button of the page where it says "Contact us" .

  3. Fill in the contact form

    The form consists of 4 fields that you must fill in whether you are a seller or a buyer:

    - Field "Order" : select the order with which you have the problem. If it does not refer to any, leave this field empty.

    contact Vinted

    - Field "Member": if your problem is with any member select it from the drop-down.

    - Field "Images" : load the images that you think are appropriate with evidence about the problem, they can be screenshots of chats or photos of products for example.

    - Field "Describe the problem" : in this field is where you must describe in great detail the problem you have, without leaving any details, although if you forget any you can always return to them write when they answer you for the first time.

  4. Submit the form

    Finally, you just have to wait for them to respond, at which point you will see a notification in your messages and you can reply to them in that chat as if they were just another Vinted user.

You should know that each time you reply to the chat, the Vinted team will take some time to reply to you.

If you need more help, you also have much more similar information in the articles on this blog.