How to change size on SHEIN after order [GUIDE 2023]

Get the size of your order that you need! If you have chosen the wrong size for your order, you can easily change the size by following the steps in this article.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to change size on shein after order

Do not hesitate to change the size of an order in SHEIN if you think that what you have ordered is not right because you have tried it on or because you have accidentally made a mistake when choosing it.

How to change the size of an order in SHEIN

Changing the size of an order in SHEIN is equivalent to returning the products you bought and later buying the size you want again.

Changing the size of a garment or accessory in online purchases is not done like in real life where we physically deliver the product and they give us another of the size we want.

Changing the size in SHEIN may not be effective, since when you return the product there may not be stocks of that product in the size you want, therefore, as advice it is necessary that you hurry when you make the change of size to buy the new product.

Steps to change the size of an order in SHEIN

The steps to change the size of an order in SHEIN are few but they will help you to get the garment in the size you want:

  1. Access your profile and your orders

    By logging in as your user, you can access your orders. Click "Make a return" on the order in which you want to change the size.

  2. Cancel your order

    If you have just placed the order and you think you have the wrong size, you can check if there is still the possibility of canceling the order.

    That being the case, you just have to cancel it and include the correct size you want to buy to reorder.

  3. Select the products to change

    You must select which products you want to return. Remember to select those of which you want to change the size so that the return is free.

    If you do not select them, you will have to start the return process with these new items and then you will have to pay for the shipping.

  4. Pack the products

    You just have to print the return label and stick it on your package and take it to your closest collection point of the shipping company that appears on the return label.

    Products must be intact as they arrived for SHEIN to refund your money.

  5. Make your new purchase

    When you have returned the products to exchange, it is better not to wait to buy the new size since you may run out of the item because there is no stock.

    Order the products with the correct size again and wait for the return shipment to arrive to get your money.

Making a size change in SHEIN is not totally effective, but actually in most stores there is no different way to make returns.

I hope you liked this article and it has been very useful to make your purchases in SHEIN.