How to buy at AllyLikes? Aliexpress Clothing APP [2023]

Discover how to buy in AllyLikes the new fashion APP from Aliexpress. The Chinese fashion giant creates the new competition for SHEIN to dethrone this very successful platform.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to buy at allylikes

It was to be expected! And it is that SHEIN is as successful as a low-cost fashion sales company than the giant Aliexpress, although it already had many different and varied clothes within its marketplace, it has wanted to highlight its fashion within a separate mobile application called AllyLikes >.

How to buy at AllyLikes

AllyLikes is an online app that we can now download to our phones from anywhere on the globe, to enjoy buying online fashion of Chinese origin from Aliexpress.

You will discover inside it: dresses, shirts, blouses, pants, jeans, shorts and accessories, as well as accessories and clothing for the home.

Steps to buy at AllyLikes

To buy at AllyLikes you just have to follow the following steps and you will be able to complete your order successfully:

  1. Find out if AllyLikes is in your country

    AllyLikes is currently available in: Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Canada and the United States.

    If your country is one of these, you can make your purchases at AllyLikes without problems.

  2. Download the AllyLikes APP

    You can download the app from AllyLikes already in thePlaystore.

  3. Sign up for AllyLikes

    Registering with AllyLikes is as easy as clicking register and adding an email and password. It's really fast.

  4. Add the products to the cart

    You must select the clothes and accessories that you like the most and add them to your shopping cart to later be able to make your purchase.

    If you are interested in a product and you do not know if you want to buy it, you can always add it to your wish list so that you do not miss any product.

  5. Buy your basket

    To buy your selected products, click on "Buy" and then include your payment information, either credit card or Paypal.

  6. Wait to receive your order

    It only remains to wait for a minimum period of 20 days to receive your order at the address you added during the purchase.

  7. Make your returns

    If any of the products does not match the description, you can return any of the products within 30 days after receiving your order.

    You have more details on how to make the returns of AllyLikes the related articles that you will see below.

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