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how long does shein standard shipping take

How long does SHEIN standard shipping take to your country [2022]

If you are about to order from SHEIN or you want to receive your package but you don't know how long it will take to arrive because you chose standard shipping in your order, here you will find the answer.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Choosing the type of shipping in your SHEIN order is crucial to ensure that it takes the time we want. SHEIN's standard option will surely come in handy. In this article I explain how SHEIN standard shipping works.

How long does SHEIN standard shipping take

SHEIN Standard Shipping is the fastest shipping after economy shipping. SHEIN standard shipping takes approximately 15 days, which may vary depending on the country where you live. If you want your order to take even less time to arrive then you have to choose SHEIN's express delivery.

SHEIN's standard shipping method is the typical shipping method that most people use to place their orders since the shipping cost is not very expensive and the order arrives quite quickly.

Before finalizing your order you must choose what type of shipping you want and it will be then when you must select it so that your shipping is standard.

Unlike SHEIN Economy Shipping which is the longest shipping, SHEIN Standard Shipping is more expensive because the shipping time is reduced by 15 days.

SHEIN express shipping is the most expensive of all shipping but also the fastest. With a shipping time of approximately 10 days that reduces the shipping time of SHEIN standard shipping by 5 days, but the shipping costs are then increased by approximately 40 euros more.

On many occasions, the SHEIN standard shipping may have delays due to the collapse of the shipping parcels, as occurs during the Christmas holidays. However, you may also experience delays due to external factors.

But in other circumstances, the SHEIN order can also be brought forward and reach some people before others because the transport companies have been expedited.

There is no general rule by which you can 100% predict when a SHEIN order will arrive, but they will always send you an email when your order has arrived in your country and then it will be approximately five days until the courier arrives at your house, since the order must first be processed in customs and this requires some time.

You should know that these circumstances are the same with SHEIN standard shipping and SHEIN express shipping, since both are vulnerable to the situation of the shipping companies.

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