Club H&M What is it, how does it work? [Updated 2023]

Save big at H&M! Learn what the H&M club is and how to be a member to get discounts when you earn points by using them easily and simply on your next purchases in stores and online.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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Online fashion brands play with the attraction mechanisms of their commercial spaces to increase their sales and make their businesses prosper.

Gamification that involves earning points through different actions is something that users like, attracts and manages to be an effective way to achieve more sales.

Other stores such as Aliexpress or SHEIN are already experiencing intense user activity in search of points to obtain discounts, although these stores have more aggressive objectives than H&M due to the massive sales they have to carry out due to their low prices.

On the part of H&M they start from their H&M Club around which everything, or almost everything, revolves around the points and discounts mechanism of the online store and the physical store.

How the Club H&M works

Learn What is the H&M Club and how to use it to earn H&M points online and get discounts. To eliminate any doubt about how they work, you have all the information here.

What is the Club H&M

The H&M Club is a membership that H&M has that its customers can join to obtain benefits for their purchases in the form of points redeemable for discounts. In addition to other benefits such as exclusive garments.

The advantages of the Club H&M are greater the more you scale within the club, that is, the more purchases are made.

Types of members of the Club H&M

In the Club H&M there are two types of members:

- Normal members : you will be a normal member when you first register for the H&M Club . You will have a 10% discount when you register, special discounts, free shipping, payments in 3 installments without interest, special prices, or a discount coupon on your birthday. You will be a normal member until you accumulate 300 points.

- Plus members : after 300 points earned, you become a plus member of the H&M Club . In which, in addition to all the advantages of a normal member, you will have more surprise offers, access to special events, in addition to the free click & collect service.

What are H&M points for?

After knowing what the Club H&M is, you should know that to level up as a member of the H&M club you need points.

As we increase in points, we move from one level to another in the H&M Club and we also earn points.

You should know ... that H&M points, like most existing online stores that have a points mechanism, reset your points locker to zero from one year to the next.

How to obtain H&M points

The basics you need to know to find out How to earn H&M points are as follows:

  1. Join the H&M Club by registering. This is necessary for the APP to start collecting your score data as you earn it. Only after the first step, log in and add your date of birth and you will be a member of the H&M Club. You will get a 10% discount just for registering .

  2. Make purchases in the physical or online store, each euro or dollar you spend is equivalent to one point that will be accumulated. If you buy from the store, you must provide your membership barcode at checkout, but if you buy online, the purchase will automatically record your points.

  3. Comment on the products you buy in the online store to earn more points.

  4. Recycle your clothes by taking your bag to H&M and get 20 points per bag.

  5. Get 50 points if you invite a friend to join the H&M club.

  6. Accumulate 300 points and you can become a plus member of the H&M club and have more discounts at your disposal.

  7. Step 8 . Earn 150 points and get a coupon worth 4 euros or dollars to spend on your physical or online purchases.

How to spend H&M points

To find out how to spend your H&M points, you just need to know if you want to spend your points online or in store when you buy:

- How to spend H&M points in the online store : when you have accumulated up to 150 points you will receive a discount of 4 euros for your purchases. If you spend your points in the H&M online store, select this coupon for a discount of 4 euros when you go shopping online. Remember to also add other discounts that you will get for being a member of the club.

- How to spend H&M points in a physical store : if you spend your points in the physical store, wait until you have 150 points to redeem for a 4 discount voucher euros, but you can also redeem other vouchers for being a club member. Simply go to your profile and your vouchers and click on the voucher you want to redeem and you will see a code that can be read at checkout in the physical store and applied as a discount to your purchase.

Finally, accumulating H&M points and knowing how to spend them is easier if you understand how the H&M club works so that you can start accumulating points today and buying clothes at a discount.

If you have found this article useful, you should know that you will find many other H&M discounted items and how to recycle that you will like as they will help you get greater discounts.