How to get Free Shipping on Vinted to save money [2023]

Has someone told you that they had free shipping on Vinted and you want it too because you want to place an order? In this article I explain why those people have free shipping and you don't.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
free shippping vinted

A few days ago I received a message from Vinted about free shipping in the APP to make purchases without shipping and this surprised me. I decided to search about the topic and was surprised at what I found.

In this article I'll show you how you can get free shipping from Vinted so you can buy cheaper.

How to get free shipping on Vinted

Mainly, you should know that there is no way to get free shipping on Vinted that you as a customer can activate, nor with coupons as you will read later in this article.

The only way to get free shipping on Vinted is if you're lucky enough to get free shipping from Vinted. But, when Vinted gives you free shipping, it doesn't mean that all customers on the platform have free shipping, it's just random.

In this way, by having free shipping, you will be able to buy from several sellers without having to accumulate shipping costs, which saves much more on orders from several sellers because, as we know, we are always interested in articles from different users.

Free shipping coupons at Vinted

The free shipping coupons on Vinted do not exist. This means that you should not trust people or websites that offer you free shipping coupons, since as Vinted explains, coupons can only be used to obtain a discount on the price of your order but not on the shipping cost. .

The only SHEIN coupons that exist are coupons of 15 euros discount that people who invite other people and register through their link get. But this coupon is not for the user who registers on Vinted to buy, but for the user who has invited you. Although its effectiveness is doubtful, since for this the user must register through the guest link and make a purchase.

Alternatives to free shipping on Vinted

If you don't have free shipping on Vinted, another alternative is to choose to search for sellers who sell many garments that you like in order to make a batch and send more products within the same order, since if you buy from several sellers you will accumulate the costs of shipping of each of them and you will spend even more.

Another possibility is to ask the seller to lower the shipping costs if they want to risk sending a heavier package from Vinted's smaller shipment. Also, losing a discount via chat to the seller before making your purchase is a good way to make a cheaper Vinted purchase.

I hope that this article has been useful to you and that you can place an order on Vinted in the least expensive way possible.