Zara clones at SHEIN: how to find the same clothes but cheaper in simple steps

SHEIN is translating all the design art of ZARA creations into its clothes to create similar but cheaper clothes. If you want to know how to find ZARA clothes in SHEIN you have to learn more in this article.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
find zara clones shein

In recent months ZARA has wanted to raise its prices to differentiate itself from SHEIN and the fact that they are taking inspiration from their clothing designs to make most of their collections.

This means that ZARA has gradually lost the differentiating factor that it had with which it conquered the hearts of its clients and kept it in the center of the most relevant fashion stores for bringing fashion from the catwalks to the street.

In this way, ZARA decides to raise prices to differentiate itself by a higher standing in which only people who have a certain purchasing power access its fashion for what is perceived as more exclusive fashion, although in shape and quality the garments ZARA have not changed.

That is why we are forced to look for alternatives, especially if our purchasing power is that of an average person who cannot spend an average of 60 euros per garment if they want to wear clothes that are a little more "fashionable".

In this article I explain more about ZARA clones and how you can find them in SHEIN quickly.

How to find ZARA clones at SHEIN

ZARA clones is basically clothing that is similar to ZARA. We will not say that they are the same because sometimes the clothes are not the same, but that they are similar, but if you do not pay attention to the details, you could almost say that it is the same garment.

At the same time, and although SHEIN also raised its prices a bit a few years ago, we can see that these clones that we will find in SHEIN from ZARA are much cheaper and we can even save up to 50% when buying in SHEIN.

To find a ZARA clone in SHEIN, what you have to do is first select which ZARA garments you want to find in SHEIN.

Then you have to download the frontal photos without a model of the ZARA garments that you liked. Do this from your mobile.

When you have finished downloading the images of the ZARA garments you like on your mobile, you have to access the SHEIN APP from the mobile and touch the search engine in the upper area to open the keyboard.

Once the search engine keyboard is open, you will see that an icon of a camera appears above that you have to click to upload the photo of the ZARA garment you are looking for.

You will see that different options of clothes appear very similar to the ones you were looking for from ZARA and it is up to you to choose the garment that is most similar and therefore is the clone of ZARA clothes in SHEIN .

To find the most similar garment you must pay attention to the small details such as the color of the garment, the material, the embroidery, the length of the garment and any other distinctive characteristic of the garment.

Exactly in the same way, ZARA clones are searched on Aliexpress, also using the image search engine that you will find at the top of the APP.

But in addition, you can also find more clones of ZARA clothing in other stores that are not of Chinese origin, such as SHEIN, but you can also find the same garment you are looking for in stores in your country. To do this, you must open the Google image search engine and upload the photo of the ZARA clothing item of which you were looking for the clone and see all the suggestions that the search engine throws up. In these suggestions you will also get the SHEIN clones but you will be able to see clothes from other different stores that are closer to you and therefore the shipping time is much shorter and perhaps they may be clothes that you like more than those of SHEIN.

If you want to know more tricks like this to buy cheaper SHEIN clothes or fashion online, then I recommend you continue reading the tips that you will find in this blog.