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How to Contact Fabletics Customer Support the Easy Way [2022]

If you have a problem with Fabletics you can always contact Fabletics. Discover what ways exist to contact and how to do it easily and quickly.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Contacting JustFab may not be as easy as it seems. It is an act that you must insist on to get their response and that will take time and encouragement on your part.

In this article I give you tips for contacting Fabletics and the different reasons why you can do so. You will also know the ways to contact them.

Advice contact Fabletics

Before contacting Fabletics you need some advice that will help you especially if you want to avoid having problems with them:

- Remember to give as much information as possible when contacting Fabletics if you don't want them to be confused or make you wait longer than you should. Giving an order number, for example, and product references is a good way to avoid confusion.

- Avoid contacting by phone if you don't want it to steal time from your life. It is best to contact by chat since it is direct contact and you should not be interacting while you could be doing other things. But if it is very necessary, contact by phone to solve your doubt as soon as possible.

- Use firm and direct vocabulary. Do not hesitate to speak to avoid that, for example, if you want to cancel your account, they try to make you change your mind, so you should not see yourself vulnerable.

Reasons why you can contact Fabletics

There are reasons why you may want to contact Fabletics and each one requires an ideal way for them to respond:

  • Ask questions: you can contact Fabletics if you have questions about how to use the online store, garment measurements, payment errors, etc. It is advisable to ask via email or chat for this type of doubt, but in this case, if you are not in a hurry, I recommend doing it via email, although it may take up to 5 days to respond.

  • Order tracking: if your order doesn't arrive you don't always have to contact Fabletics but you can also talk to the customer service of the company that sends you the request. In this case, you just have to look for the contact number of the company and call them giving them your reference code of the shipping company. If the order has not yet left the Fabletics warehouse then yes, you should contact them.

  • Cancel your Fabletics account: to cancel your subscription to Fabletics you must contact them by phone. If you want to know exactly how to cancel the monthly subscription of Fabletics so that they do not charge the fee, I recommend you read my article on how to cancel your account here.

How to contact Fabletics

There are four different ways to contact Fabletics Fabletics Customer Support:

  • Contact Fabletics via Chat: The easiest and fastest way to contact Fabletics is via chat. When you try to contact them, a form will first open where you must indicate the topic you want to consult about and then the chat will open. You can contact by chat with Fabletics in this contact form.

  • Contact Fabletics by phone: by phone you must take into account that your conversation will be recorded and So you must measure your words. It is a faster way to contact than by chat but it will require you to be on the phone. You can contact Fabletics by calling the company's phone number in your country.

  • Contact Fabletics by email: You can contact customer service via email. Your response will reach you within 5 days or less.

  • Contact Fabletics by letter: one of the ways to contact Fabletics it can also be by letter to the Fabletics headquarters in your country, although it is the least fast and least effective option.

If you want to learn more about how Fabletics works or of the different fashion stores that you can find on the Internet keep reading the articles that you will find in this blog.