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Etsy Star Seller How does it work? [Requirements and advantages]

Do you want to know if you can become an Etsy Star Seller? You can enjoy all the benefits of this program if you meet the requirements.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Etsy continues to make giant strides in the ecommerce industry, and after acquiring the second-hand sale app Depop for around one billion, it now brings a novelty for sellers of handmade products within Etsy .

Etsy is a very popular sales channel, preferred by sellers around the world who make crafts, due to the ease of use that this platform has and its great possibilities of increasing the number of sales that artisans have daily in their business.

Bring as a novelty Etsy Star Seller something that sellers surely want to hear a lot about on Etsy.

What is Etsy Star Seller ?

Etsy Star Seller is a program that wants to reward sellers who give a very good customer experience.

That is, those sellers who take care of the details of their orders, packaging and shipping to perfection, in addition to serving customers quickly and having good customer opinions.

This program grants an identifying icon to the Etsy Star Sellers with which sellers will obtain a series of advantages belonging to this program that will result in increasing their number of sales.

How does Etsy Star Seller work?

On the 1st of each month Etsy will value all the stores on the platform, even those that already have the Etsy Star Seller status to determine which ones will participate that month in the Etsy Star program Seller .

To be Etsy Star Seller you must meet requirements set by Etsy, not everyone can be part of this program.

Your progress to Etsy Star Seller status can be viewed within your seller profile.

Etsy Star Seller Requirements

To be an Etsy Star Seller you must meet some requirements:

  1. You must respond to your customers in less than 24 hours.

  2. You must send your orders on time.

  3. You must offer follow-up to customers.

  4. You must receive 5 stars from your customers continuously.

  5. You increase your sales naturally.

Therefore, all those sellers who are already meeting these requirements will get their Etsy Star Seller badge.

You should know that Etsy can revoke your Etsy Star Seller badge at any time if it sees that this action is necessary.

Advantages of being an Etsy Star Seller

If you manage to be Etsy Star Seller you will have advantages over your customers and over the rest of the sellers who compete with your store:

  1. Less competition

    Sellers with a star badge will have this icon next to their seller name that will give customers more confidence and therefore more security when buying from you compared to your competitors.

  2. More views

    Etsy will help you make your products appear more times in searches made by users compared to other stores, therefore your items will be much more seen.

  3. More sales

    You will sell more thanks to the fact that the star sellers of Etsy will boost their sales even more thanks to their good work and great attention to the end user.

Etsy Star Seller is a great opportunity to boost your sales. If you already have an open shop on Etsy with many sales, it is easy to achieve this status.

However, if you still need to improve by increasing the opinions of your customers and your number of sales, remember that you can always look for new products or trend ideas that boost your sales at the last minute.

And if you don't have an Etsy shop yet, it's time for you to join the platform before there is even more competition.