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Alternatives to Etsy to sell handmade stuff [15 Options]

Get your crafts in front of the widest possible audience. Check out the alternatives to Etsy where manufacturers are currently selling their wares.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you are selling handmade items and you already know the Etsy platform but you are not convinced or maybe you would like to try your luck on other platforms, it is interesting that you know the alternatives to Etsy that I bring you in this article.

Alternatives to Etsy

Let's go with them. These are the best websites and platforms to sell handmade things. Choose your favourite one to start your handmade business and entrepreneurship. You will also learn about the alternatives to Etsy.:

  • ETSY

    Etsy is an American platform created in 2005 that has been growing. It is now the largest handmade sales platform. It even sells materials to create handmade things. Opening a shop on this platform is easy and intuitive. Each ad costs the symbolic price of 20 cents and for every sale you make, they get 3% of the sale price.


    Artesanum is a Spanish platform founded in 2007. Its profits are donated to associations related to handicrafts. A very easy to use platform. Its commission per sale is 5 percent.


    Another alternative to Etsy is Manos es más, another Spanish marketplace that only sells exclusive and trendy quality. Its handicraft sellers are always Spanish and it chooses them strictly. You can offer your handmade goods for free and get a four percent commission.


    Arteos is characterised by the fact that the sale of handicrafts must be sustainable. In other words, everything sold on the platform takes care of the environment through its materials and production. The commission per sale is 10% and payments are made through Paypal.


    On this platform, which is Artenet, there is no commission for sales and registration is free, but you can only sell paintings. However, they do not process the sales, but the interested customer will contact you and you will have to manage the sale.


    Another well-known marketplace where you can sell handmade creations is Bonanza. This tool integrates with Ebay, Amazon and also Shopify to make your sales.


    Among the alternatives to Etsy is Artmosfair, a shop where you can sell your art exclusively within the European Union. They charge a commission of three percent per sale, and ten cents per published ad.


    Amazon, the giant marketplace, also has a handmade sales area. You can also sell in all the countries where Amazon is located. You will have to ask for an invitation first. The pity is that amazon's sales commission fees are around ten percent. Quite high.

  • EBAY

    Ebay is a great way to sell your handmade goods. It is a platform born exclusively for the sale of second-hand products that has evolved to allow companies to sell their products and also individuals to sell them.

    This is why with Ebay you can easily sell your handmade. The first 50 ads you post of your products are free, while when you sell out you will have to pay a few cents per ad and 3 percent of the value of your product.


    eCrater allows you to create your online shop for free and sell your creations, which will then be displayed on the platform.


    Artfire is a mega-platform where you can create your own professional online shop as an artisan for between 4 and 40 dollars per month. All you have to do is make your creations and put them up for sale.

  • Ankorstore

    Ankorstore gives visibility to artisans by creating a marketplace where you can showcase your products and shop owners can order a number of products from you to resell in their shops. It is a platform created by ex-workers of Etsy, Vestiaire Collective and the creators of A Little Market.

  • Fairling

    Fairling is another of the marketplaces where the products of creators from Spain are made available to shops in Germany. All you have to do is create the quantity of products requested in the order you place on the website, it's very simple!

  • Bigcartel

    Bigcartel is a solution for artists. In Bigcartel you can create your own online shop for small sellers. In its free version you can upload up to 5 products, paying only 10 euros per month you can upload more than 25 products and have more features for your online shop.


    There are other platforms where you can also sell handmade things online alternatives to Etsy although some of them are in English. These platforms are: ICraftGifts, Folksy, Misi, Zibbet, Society6, Meylah. com, Imadeitmarket, Renegadecraft, HandMadeArtists.

Did you find these alternative options to Etsy interesting? Well, you can still get more information on how to sell handicrafts online in the other articles you'll find on the blog.