Depop scam: Can you get scammed on depop as a seller or buyer? [2022]

Did you already know about the most common scams that are making Depop a less trustworthy place? Make purchases and sales safer by protecting yourself from all the dangers that other people can cause in this type of second-hand applications.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
depop scams

Both as a seller and as a customer you can be scammed in an APP for the sale of second-hand items such as DEPOP with fashion. The fact that these types of applications are becoming more famous every day calls people with bad intentions to want to try their luck at earning money in bad ways without any remorse.

The worst thing is that as time passes, these people's tricks are perfected and new tactics are created to be put into practice on their part to get what they want.

Normally, scammers in second-hand applications will always want to obtain money, but it should not be ruled out that they also want to collect payment data from users to use to obtain money.

After my experience selling second-hand applications, I can tell you that it is usually the same scams that occur since they copy each other.

For this reason, in this article I want to compile the most common Depop scams for which you should be alert whether you are a seller or a buyer.

How to detect that they are trying to scam you in Depop?

The only thing you need to know if Depop is trying to scam you is to know the types of scams that exist, but you should also always treat the customer or seller with the necessary skepticism.

That is, you should never trust 100% in the words of the seller or the client. Only trust if it refers to traditional platform procedures and you still have to pay attention to the way it speaks to you.

If the client or seller speaks to you in an impersonal way as if they were a robot with a copied and pasted text or asks you for actions outside the platform or very strange, then you have to know that you are surely dealing with a scam.

Most people who scam do not usually think about what effects this will have for them since they think that their identity will never be revealed. If we add to this the fact that Depop users are getting younger and losing track of their values ​​and respect, we can be sure that these scam attempts will exist.

The scammers on Depop are usually users with weird names and no photos or very perfect photos who speak in a robotic and not very personal and human way.

Types of Depop scams

The truth is that it is not very difficult to know if they are trying to scam you, especially if you are a person who uses the internet a lot and knows about these things.

However, for users who do not use the internet much and are not very experienced, they should simply know when the client or seller performs the following actions to know if it is a scam:

  • Dropshipping Style Scams: if you don't know dropshipping, you should know that it is the way in which many people currently create online stores in which they don't have products in stock if they don't they buy from Aliexpress or cheap stores at the moment they make a purchase and put the buyer's address.

    This also happens at Depop and if you receive packaging that you could recognize as being from Aliexpress or Wish or any other store you are in a position to ask for a refund.

  • Damaged Products: If you see a product you like but it doesn't have enough photos, for example, it's missing a back or detail photo, it's likely that the seller is hiding some sort of damage. flaw. So you will have to ask for more photos to check if this is a scam.

  • Resale products: although all types of business are legal, there are people selling items as if they were second-hand while these have been bought for resale and are sold more expensive than in stores. stores of the brands of these products.

  • Outlet products: it has happened to me as a person who really likes to search in online stores to see clothes in outlets that I later saw in second-hand sales applications and they were more expensive . Therefore, you must be careful since you may not know a certain outlet and end up paying more for these second-hand products.

  • Remove you from the platform: it usually happens that Depop sends you a private message so that you write to them from outside the platform and thus obtain your data.

  • Payment link: Sellers often ask you to pay for a link to a platform that mimics Depop's website and looks real but isn't. Then it asks for your payment information and that's how they keep it.

  • Change of shipping address: if you send to a different address than the one Depop tells you the customer has, then the customers claim the order as not received and keep it. In this way it is necessary that even if the client asks you to put another shipping address, you do not do it.

  • Very cheap luxury products: if they sell you a product from luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, you can assume that it is a scam and the product is an imitation.

  • Induced return: the customer can cause a return by altering the product that was sent to him and in this way he keeps the item and the money that Depop returns.

If you want to read more tips for using Depop and buying and selling second-hand in a simple way, then keep reading the tips that you will find here on the blog.