Cider VS SHEIN, how are they different? Comparative 2023

Do you want to know what is the difference between Cider fashion store and SHEIN clothing store? Discover the main reasons that differentiate these two low-cost fashion stores.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
cider shein comparative

We love low cost pink shops! And it is that SHEIN has made a tremendous mark on the whole world with its really modern and good quality clothing trends for little money, leaving the kingdom of Inditex in the background, which is now beginning to position itself as a premium fashion store for pockets with greater power. purchasing.

Well, after AllyLikes came to our lives hand in hand with Aliexpress with its fashion that has nothing to envy to that of SHEIN, comes Cider's fashion, which in this article I will subject to the magnifying glass to see what differences it has with SHEIN and see if this store that is doing so much advertising lately, promises and it will be a good idea to make purchases at Cider.

Cider vs SHEIN

First you have to know that Cider, like SHEIN, is a store of Chinese origin and its objective is to defeat SHEIN justified by its high income from advertising investment in social networks and its desire to create a community within social networks as it is TikTok.

SHEIN also makes large revenues from advertising on a daily basis, which justifies Cider's investments in advertising with the objective of rising to the level of SHEIN.

Quality Cider VS shein

When we enter the Cider website we automatically realize that the predominant fashion style is colorful and contemporary, mainly for the young public, therefore, if you have a more conservative style, perhaps there are no clothes to wear with the waist stuffy in this store, but yes! It turns out that in one of its categories you can choose your "Mood", basically the style with which you want to dress, where we will see more traditional and elegant looks as well as demure ones in the "Feeling Sophisticated" area as you can see in this image.

cider fashion

Therefore, we see that in Cider it is quicker to find clothing styles, since in SHEIN the easiest classification to access is by trends from the main menu. Or we have to go to "Explore" where the classification of styles is not so obvious.

Cider also has his clothes classified in trends from the "Drops" tab of his top menu where we will find marked styles of clothing that are in fashion at that moment.

The quality of Cider's clothes as we can see in the images of the people on TikTok who have bought their clothes is a quality similar to that of SHEIN, therefore you will not have problems with its quality, but you should know that being Cider so new does not have opinions of its garments in each of the articles.

cider fashion

Besides Cider, Zara is also a worthy rival to SHEIN. If you want to know which of the two is more advantageous for you here you find the comparison.

Sizes Cider VS shein

Cider, like SHEIN, also marks the measurements of each garment, that is, it tells us what each size measures in inches and centimeters, so it will not be difficult for us to choose the right clothing for our body.

Cider's clothing also includes plus sizes, and really the variety of plus size clothing and its designs are very beautiful and of quality, so it's worth buying at Cider.

cider fashion

Prices Cider VS shein

But let's go to what interests you Cider vs SHEIN and who is the cheapest I know that interests you and interests us all, of course. Comparing a shirt dress from both online stores we will realize the difference in prices.

We see that Cider's shirt dress has a discount price of 27 euros, while in SHEIN the price is 15 dollars. This is justified considering that Cider is a nascent company compared to SHEIN and they are not yet in a position to be able to lower prices as much as SHEIN.

cider vs shein cider vs shein

On the other hand, we also noticed that Cider has a more modest clothing length, that is, in Cider there are more modest clothing, while SHEIN has a shorter length in all its garments.

In Cider we can enjoy a section only for discounts, although the prices are still high compared to the SHEIN sales.

I have also filtered by shirt dresses on both websites and have obtained more results on SHEIN.

Another feature is that in Cider's clothing filters, we do not yet have the ability to search by sleeve length or material, something that can make the search difficult.

Cider VS SHEIN operation

The language of the Cider website is still not in Spanish or in any other language than English, the website is only in English, therefore all countries that want to buy must do so in English language although we can change currency.

You can translate the Cider website automatically with Google translate and something will help you to understand the website in your language. You cannot do this in the Cider APP, which is also only in English, although it is surely something that will be solved soon.

Both stores, both Cider and SHEIN, have an online web store and an app, so we can buy on both sites.

Really, the difficulty of finding styles in SHEIN is given by the large number of clothes that you have to show, which is superior to that of Cider, which encourages that the SHEIN website and APP sometimes slower than it should be, and because of the large number of connected users using them. Something that does not happen in Cider, being a new online store there are not so many users looking at it and the variety of clothes is wide but not as much as SHEIN clothes.

If you want to know what is the day in which to buy in SHEIN it can be cheaper here it is.

Discounts Cider VS SHEIN

As for the discounts, Cider does not have a points program, it only has discount garments equivalent to the SHEIN flash sale. It also has periodic discounts but not as pronounced as SHEIN's.

At Cider you will have a 15% discount on the first order you make on the web, so this is a great advantage for our purchases, although it also exists at SHEIN.

Shipments Cider VS SHEIN

The shipping are very important at the time of purchase. To obtain free shipping in each of the stores will depend on the country in which we are, but approximately in Cider we must spend an average of 49 dollars on your purchase, just like in SHEIN.

However, at SHEIN free shipping varies depending on the country, however with Cider most countries must make a purchase of 49 dollars in currency equivalent to have free shipping, which in most cases translates into having to spend more than SHEIN for free shipping.

Beyond this $49 per order, Cider's standard and express shipping is $1 to $2 higher than SHEIN's standard and express shipping price.

The delivery times of both online stores are very similar, so we will have to wait approximately between 10 and 20 days to receive the order at our home.

Why buy from Cider

Finally, and with everything I've told you, you're probably wondering why buy from Cider when I can buy from SHEIN.

Shopping at Cider will be an option for you if you fall in love with the style of Cider clothes, and really the benefit of shopping at Cider is that there are modern clothes with a more stylish length than SHEIN whose most clothes are They are characterized by being shorter.

If you want to know more about Cider continue reading all the articles you will find on the blog.

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