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How to sell used goods on Cash Converters? Selling Online and In-Store

Trade your second hand stuff for cash. Learn how to sell used stuff on Cash Converters in a simple, step-by-step way in this second-hand buying and selling shop.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

If you want to sell used things you have around the house and give them a new lease of life, there are numerous businesses that buy second-hand items from individuals to resell and earn money for them. They take care of putting the product in condition and marketing it to sell it.

One of these businesses is Cash Converters and today we will learn more about it and the steps you need to take to be able to sell your items in this shop.

What is Cash Converters?

Cash Converters is a franchise of physical shops for buying and selling second-hand goods of all kinds. Its physical shops have a part for the purchase of items, a part for the arrangement of items, and a shop format part where customers can buy.

How to sell on Cash Converters

To sell on Cash Converters you must be of legal age and present your ID card when selling your second hand item.

Learning how to sell on Cash Converters is really simple and you only have to follow a few easy steps:

What can I NOT sell on Cash Converters?

At Cash Converters you can't sell large furniture, large appliances (if small such as coffee machines, hoovers or microwaves), or weapons or clothing except for sportswear such as motorbike or climbing gear.

What can I sell on Cash Converters


The items you can sell on Cash Converters are the following: mobile phones or traditional phones, tablets, computers, hard drives and printers, watches, musical instruments, video games, consoles, cameras and video cameras, sunglasses, gold jewellery, small appliances, DIY, televisions and video, baby stuff minus clothes, or home accessories.

How much do they pay at Cash Converters?

If you want to know how much they pay at Cash Converters you should know that this will depend on the valuation they carry out but it will always be lower than the current selling price of the product. The value of the product will also depend on its demand and condition.

How to sell on Cash Converters Online

To sell on Cash Converters online you must register on their website, choose the product category and add the product name, model, condition, details, colour and pictures of the product. Click on "Request appraisal" and then you will get a response from them with the money they will give you in exchange for your product in less than 24 hours.

If you accept the price they will collect it free of charge from your home, or deliver it to one of their shops and pay you your money.

How to sell in-store at Cash Converters

Also, as well as selling your second hand item online at Cash Converters you have the option to sell your item in shop by taking it to any of their shops where they will offer you a price that they will pay you in cash on the spot....

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