Can you resell SHEIN clothes to do business? [All you need to know]

If you think about doing a business thanks to reselling SHEIN clothes but you don't know if you can do it because you don't know whether or not the resale of this brand's clothes is legal, you need to know what the company says about this activity.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
can you resell shein clothes

If you come to read this article, it is probably because so far you have seen the potential of SHEIN clothing and the most likely thing is that you have found information about reselling SHEIN clothing especially in Latin American countries and you do not know if SHEIN clothing can be sold , as it can be a popular activity to earn extra money or do a business, but what is the reality?

Before selling SHEIN clothes, you must clearly know the legal implications, and that is that many people carry out activities that are not entirely legal on the Internet but globalization pushes these activities that are not quite legal not to be noticed so much.

Do you want to know if you can sell SHEIN clothes ? Well, do not hesitate to continue reading.

Can I sell SHEIN clothing ?

If you are thinking of making a profit from the sale of SHEIN clothing individually or in your store, the brand tells us what:

The redistribution of SHEIN clothing is prohibited except for specific permission, also the transformation for sale .

Therefore, as SHEIN indicates SHEIN clothing cannot be resold unless they give us explicit consent that we can do so.

But what about all the people who say on the Internet that they are selling SHEIN clothes?

To find out why so many people are reselling SHEIN clothes, this being an illegal activity, it is because they probably do not know this information, although the law does not exempt them from complying with it and certainly if there is not much visibility on social networks and they do not place large orders in SHEIN it is difficult to be noticed and SHEIN notices.

This previous case described refers to people who buy clothes to later resell them. Fines due to resale can be very large for illegal redistribution of products without brand consent that are punishable.

Alternatives to selling SHEIN clothing

However, there is another way that people resell SHEIN clothing without reselling it that would be within the legal framework. A very famous option in Latin American countries.

It's about "being the person who makes the orders" , basically you are in charge of placing joint orders with items that different people want and you charge them by hand at store prices. Normally the people to whom you will deliver your order are people who are not very skilled on the Internet or who do not want to place large orders, or maybe they do not have time.

The advantage of this sale is that you buy large orders and apply coupons, points and other techniques to save in SHEIN and in this way get a margin that customers pay you but you do not pay to SHEIN because finally the purchase is worth less to you , and that's your benefit.

This way of selling SHEIN clothes is legal, or less illicit, but not in all countries it can be done since in certain places people are used to placing their own orders and see with strange eyes that someone else makes them. person if you are not a relative, but we are facing a very interesting possibility of sale.

Another alternative to selling SHEIN clothes if what you want is to buy and resell clothes, an activity that is not understood as legal by SHEIN, it may be to sell clothes from Aliexpress. Most of the sellers on Aliexpress are unbranded manufacturers and you can sell their clothes and make a profit.

You should choose well so as not to make a bad choice with the clothes, but Aliexpress also has clothes with very modern designs that are interesting to sell for their cheap prices.

Finally, we must know that everything we find on the Internet must be capable of being analyzed and the case of whether SHEIN clothes can be sold is no less.

All the specific legal information where SHEIN specifies what it dictates about the resale of clothing you will find on your privacy page .

We invite you to continue reading more interesting SHEIN content on the web with all the useful articles to buy and sell clothes that you will find.