What if the buyer doesn't pick up the Vinted package or doesn't confirm? [Solution]

My buyer does not pick up the package from Vinted! My buyer does not confirm receipt of the order on Vinted! Two very common expressions by Vinted sellers to which today I will answer what to do.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
buyer does not pick up the package vinted

Sales on the second-hand clothing sales platform Vinted happen relatively quickly. However, the most laborious task occurs after sending the order to the client.

When the order is sent to the customer, different things can happen:

- The buyer does not pick up the package.
- The buyer picks up the lost item but does not confirm that everything is fine.

- You decide to make a return because it does not correspond to the description given by the seller or you open an incident and Vinted returns the money.

- Either everything is correct, the garment does not fit well, so you resell it in your wardrobe (in the event that you do not like it or it does not fit well, Vinted's professional sellers are obliged to make a return).

What happens if the buyer does not pick up the package

In the event that the buyer does not pick up the package, it will only be the seller who has requested the time to pack and ship. Because if the buyer does not pick up the package, the order will return to the seller or the seller's office and the customer can get his money back.

Remember that if the customer takes time to pick up the order, it does not mean that they do not want it, but rather that they may be busy or on vacation and it will take a little longer to pick it up.

I recommend that if 7 days go by and you see that the customer does not receive the order, write him a message to encourage him to pick it up like this:

"Hello! I just wanted to let you know that you only have 7 days left to pick up your order. I hope you love it when you pick it up. Cheers!"

Try not to show that you are putting pressure on the customer. Really a message to remind him to pick it up is always welcome because he may have forgotten.

However, always give a margin of a week in advance to pick it up because otherwise the customer will feel obligated and may not want to make any more purchases even if he likes your clothes or items, simply so that you do not pressure him.

You can remind the customer that if he does not pick up the order he will lose the money he paid for the shipping costs when buying the item.

What happens if the buyer does not confirm the receipt of the package

If the buyer does not confirm the receipt of the package two days later, Vinted will automatically consider the shipment closed, transfer the money to the seller and leave an automatic positive evaluation.

On many occasions, the buyer does not confirm because he does not know that he should do so and is unaware of this option, which is why Vinted has this automatic option.

In these cases I do not usually send any message to the client, since the sooner it closes automatically, the sooner we will get the money.

If the buyer does not confirm the order, they can open an incident within 2 days and this means that they will claim that the product is damaged and Vinted will refund their money.

At this time it is highly recommended that the seller has photographed how he packages the product before taking it to the shipping office.

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