Reviews of Bonprix Sizes How do they work? [My experience] 2023

Have you thought about buying at Bonprix and are you afraid about what size to choose so you don't have to return your order? In this article I explain my experience with Bonprix sizes.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
bonprix sizes review

I recently placed my first order from Bonprix, an Italian store whose website in Spanish seemed really interesting. The traditional style clothes and very comfortable appearance together with the quality and good price made me buy 2 coats, one for myself and one for my father.

The truth is that I trembled when choosing the size, since looking at the size guide it is easy to choose, but we already know that today many stores indicate the measurements but the garments go the other way, it is to say, that sizes, measurements and clothing do not correspond.

Then in this article I am going to explain my conclusion about my opinions of the Bonprix Sizes and how you should buy so as not to make a mistake.

How Bonprix sizes work

We start from the basis that Bonprix clothing is manufactured by the same factory, this means that, except for pattern changes, they are all cut the same.

So that you understand me, it's not that they are different brands that each use their pattern and sizes, and then they give you a general size guide that is useless. No. Bonprix has the same Italian manufacturer and the pattern and sizes are the same for all garments.

This helps a lot, because when you check your Bonprix size you can repeat your purchases without making a mistake, even buying by choosing if you want the garment to fit you more closely or more loosely.

The way how the Bonprix sizes work is that they fit loose, besides, they say so themselves, but of course, when you make your first purchase, how do you know what they mean by loose? . Well basically in its size chart when choosing your size the garment will fit you as oversize, so it is up to you to choose one size less or stay with an oversize garment.

I'll give you an example. My measurements are: 95-80-110, at the same time I have broad shoulders. In my case, a size 44 (XXL) would be good for me, as you can see in the image of the size guide of Bonprix tops, however in most stores, for coats I am a L which is equivalent to a 40 .

size table bonprix upper garments

So I bought a size 44 coat because I follow the size guide (above). For my mother with a hip size of 125, I bought a 54 of the same coat. A fitted coat as you can see in the image.

bonprix sizes opinions

Finally when they arrived, I had about 12 centimeters left over my coat. And my mother had about 20 centimeters left over. We also have to say that we wanted the coats close, because then the air enters us and we get colder, we tend to wear thin clothes underneath.

I have to say that the quality of the clothes is very good. The seams are very good, resistant, it has nothing to envy, it is even better than Zara in terms of seams and fabrics.

Advice for buying at Bonprix: when I made my purchase I didn't look at the user opinions, and it said that these coats fit large, although since I didn't know what was large for Bonprix I ignored him. I advise you to look at the comments too.

Therefore, I processed a return and ordered two identical coats but two sizes smaller. Coincidentally the sizes that we normally use in other stores. A 40 and a 50.

Opinion of Bonprix sizes

Therefore, to conclude my opinion on Bonprix sizes if you want the top to be loose, follow the Bonprix tops size guide as it will be loose for you between 10 and 20 centimeters more than your perimeter.

If you want your tops to fit, follow the Bonprix bottoms size guide, which will be two sizes smaller than the top size chart. The table of sizes of bottom garments is the one you will see here:

bonprix size chart bottoms

For bottoms, it is recommended to pay attention to the size table of bottoms, and if you want looser pants, for example, opt for the matching size in the size table below and take one size up just in case that in the photograph the pants look tight, if the pants are already big and you take one size up, it will be really big and it will look bad on you.

For underwear, Bonprix recommends ignoring their size charts and choosing your usual size. That is to say, if you wear an L then an L. Although in my case I always take one size less because undergarments always tend to stretch, not for upper undergarments for which I recommend taking your exact measurement.

As a summary: if you want loose tops, match your measurements with the Bonprix table of top parts, if you want them tight, pay attention to the measurements of the bottom garments. If you want bottoms match your measurements to the bottom size chart. And if you want underwear, ignore the Bonprix measurements and choose the size you usually get in all stores.

I hope this article has been useful to you and can help you place your Bonprix orders without making the wrong size.