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apps similar to redbubble

APPs similar to Redbubble - Fed up? Find a trusted APP Print On Demand

More sites similar to RedBubble, but better are the ones you can find in this article. Discover all the Print on Demand options in your country. How to work with this Dropshipping format and how to do it successfully to make it profitable.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

It is true that Redbubble stands out for having lower shipping costs, as it has a warehouse in Spain. It has some interesting products that are different from the rest of the platforms, such as women's flared dresses. But in recent years it has been involved in some discrepancies between the creators who use this platform because they have suffered as Redbubble closed its shops and kept the rights to their creations.

This is what has caused many creators to look for APPs similar to Redbubble to put their art for sale without having major headaches. In this article I will show you the existing alternatives on the market to Redbublle so that you can start selling on another similar website right away.

APPs similar to Redbubble

The Print on Demand, or print on demand is a way of generating material to sell without investment in creating this stock that has been building up a reputation over the years and is beginning to take off towards greater popularisation due to the bursting of the dropshipping bubble with Aliexpress, print on demand being the perfect variant of this system that is orchestrated in the digital medium, on the Internet through POD providers..

Fortunately there are many different platforms on the Internet and this allows us to choose the one that best suits our needs in terms of prices, different products, and shipping methods. Many of them ship from Spain, and a few others from America and other European Union countries. Most of them have warehouses in different parts of the world, speeding up shipments and reducing shipping costs.

These are the best print-on-demand sites that you will find on the Internet as APPs similar to Redbubble:

  • Printful

    The favourite of most users, but also the one with the most expensive prices for its products. It does not give you your own website but it integrates with services such as Shopify, Prestashop or Etsy.

  • Printify

    Printify will automate the sales of your products with your designs through its mock-ups. It has clothing for men, women and children, as well as accessories and home decor, it really has a great variety of products, these are more than 300 products. After making your models you can publish them on Sho`pify, Etsy or Wix to sell them.

  • Society6

    Society6 offers the creations of all designers on its main website sorted by categories. It is an online shop where you can show your designs in their mock-ups. A website very similar to Redbubble. The only negative point is that with Society6 you charge from 20 dollars and get 10% of the sale price.

  • LaTostadora

    The first in Spain, the most famous for personalised t-shirts. The shipping costs are lower, the prices are medium and they create a free page where we can sell our products. Our own experience in this shop is really great without any major problems. The customer service is really great. It is one of the most similar alternatives to Redbubble.

  • Teespring

    Quick and easy. Teespring is the easiest platform of all. It creates us a page where we can sell our products for free with the Teestrping domain. It has the lowest prices on the products, but the shipping costs are a bit expensive.

  • Teelaunch

    Teelaunch's products seem very different to other platforms as they sell customisable items such as headphones, tennis shoes or plates. The bad thing about this platform is that we have the obligation to use it with Shopify, which we already know is a monthly payment and commission per sale.

  • JetPrintapp

    It stands out for being the only platform for on-demand printing of watches to personalise. On the other hand it is also mandatory to integrate it with Shopify.

I hope this article has helped you to find your perfect APP similar to Redbubble a way to start your business without investment that is so interesting and gives us hope for the future. Keep reading the rest of my articles to find new ways to make money and be successful in your career.

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